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  • Robin Perry
    Mar 1 11:24 AM
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      I think agoraphobia must be the karmic result of such fear tactics.

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      > > I'm surprised they haven't gone to a pyramid (MLM) plan format in
      > > Eckankult. You know... initiations would be tied to your
      > downline..
      > >
      > > Robin
      > *** Several years ago when my now husband first requested the free
      > intro packette, he showed it to me and said it sounds like Eckankar
      > is just another MLM Scam! LOL That was 7 years ago when I was
      > still an eck HI. I looked over the packette, since I hadn't seen
      > one. Sure enough, I saw the same thing!
      > Ever wonder if you can really leave Eckankrap? ;-)
      > Here is an answer to ponder: (A repost from ???)
      > Yes, it's easy enough to quit and tens of thousands of people have.
      > The fly in the ointment, though, is that the Eckankar writings are
      > riddled with fear tactics right out of Scientology and dire threats
      > of what damnation awaits anyone foolish enough to quit. Without the
      > Living Eck Master's guidance, all a person's karma is dumped onto
      > head and will likely crush the poor soul. Numerous threats promise
      > countless rounds of more miserable lives spent in the astral hells
      > and back here on earth. All is not lost, though, if the hapless
      > student someday crawls back to the feet of the Living Eck Master and
      > asks to be saved. As you may guess, these fear-laden admonitions
      > against quitting are only available to the student after
      > approximately 10 years of conditioning (er...study), so new members
      > have absolutely no idea what less-than-pleasant surprises await them
      > down the road.
      > Also, after a 5 year period of not sending in membership fees, a
      > student loses all initiations and is busted back to rank newbie.
      > Considering how fervently Eckankar ties in its initiations to a
      > student's spiritual progress, the loss of these have had a
      > devastating psychological effect on some sensitive people who
      > able to move past all these controlling fear tactics. It's not
      > unusual to talk with ex-eckists, people who quit 20 or more years
      > ago, and hear that they're still struggling with these fear
      > In his day, Twitchell wrote much about the perils of ever trying to
      > quit Eckankar. His book Illuminated Way Letters, has been quietly
      > withdrawn from publication. In it and other books and discourses, he
      > goes on at great length about what happens if anybody tries to
      > leave - they lose ALL spiritual progress and must begin again at
      > the very bottom of the evolutionary ladder; that is, as minerals. A
      > number of his discourses are equally hard on the student. Quite a
      > heavyhanded approach, isn't it? And, in typical Eckankar fashion,
      > this information is never told to people before they join.
      > Although representatives of Eckankar will always downplay this if
      > confronted, Harold Klemp continues the threats and fear tactics. In
      > fact, some of Klemp's discourses read like the ravings of a very
      > troubled soul.
      > The wrath of the eck (spirit) crashes down upon anybody who is still
      > a slave to the ego and deserts the master. Not once will he see the
      > connection between his betrayal of the eck and the horrendous
      > troubles that strike him down like a plague on every hand. And thus
      > he goes downward on the spiral of awareness until he leaves this
      > in hopeless despair, still wondering why the fates have treated him
      > so cruelly.
      > Eck Satsang Series 3, Chapter 8.
      > Whosoever...shall divulge the secrets of his initiation...shall be
      > deprived of his sight and tongue in order to never say anything
      > the degrees of initiation in ECKANKAR.
      > Shariyat ki Sugmad - Book 2, pages 177-178, 2nd edition, 10th
      > printing, 1988
      > "But once the chela [member of Eckankar] has become a member of the
      > inner circle, HE CANNOT RESIGN...Those few have found that spiritual
      > decay sets in immediately, affecting the health, material life and
      > spiritual life, and BRINGS DEATH MORE SWIFTLY."
      > Shariyat ki Sugmad - Book 2, page 197, (page 166 in older editions)
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