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  • Elizabeth
    Jan 2, 2007
      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "tomleafeater" <tianyue@...>
      > One or two questions: Have you ever had an experience in a
      > dream that turned out to by, well, just a dream, or do you still
      > believe every dream is absolutely real, without discerning or
      > questioning the content? And were your dreams that you may
      > have had with Klemp still considered real to you, or do you now
      > question the basis of those dreams?

      DAMN I hate Yahoo.... I spent about 30 minutes answering this post,
      and lost what I had written within a blink of an eye! LOL Well my
      comments were rather long so I think I will Keep It Simple.
      (maybe) ;-)

      I don't place a lot of attention on dreams, waking type or inner
      type. As an eckists, I was very devoted to waking after an inner
      experience to journal the dream. I am finding out now, that that
      has had a lasting physical health effect on me. I was diagnosed
      recently with Fibromyalgia, which researchers believe can be linked
      to sleep disorders, issues. No not every dream is real, and they
      were not when in eckankar. Though I tried to make them real....

      And to be honest I never really had many dreams with eck masters.
      Though my most recent one was a few months ago. I was walking down a
      path, and Klemp happens to show up. He approached me with a smile
      and friendly greeting. I felt as if he was trying to stop my
      journey with his small talk. I spent a few moments listening and
      briefly commented, then I asked him to step aside so I could
      continue. He wouldn't move, so I had to physically put my hands on
      his boney shoulders and move him out of my way so I could continue
      down the path. That was very real to me, And speaks volumes! LOL

      > As to the color blue that you see in your spiritual eye: Do you
      > believe that color is higher than say, other colors? In other
      > words, why blue?

      Not sure why blue? I experience white and gold as well.... I no
      longer attach blue with the mahanta. I came to realize I was
      experiencing my higherself. (In my other post I went into a long
      explaination, but find no need to now)

      > Have you found that the content of your "experiences" have
      > changed much since you left eckankar?

      Yes they are natural, not forced! I don't need to sit down at any
      given time and contemplate. It just happens.... living life is full
      of natural learning experiences. I just came to realize it's more
      about the journey, than the destination. (That being self
      realization and god realization) We are spiritual beings having a
      human experience. ;-)

      > I other words, has the spiritual landscape that is so commonly
      > shared by eckists in their experiences changed for you?

      I think I answered this? :-)

      > Do you still think you're a "high initiate"?

      NO! LOL When I was still a member of eckankar and a 6th, I came to
      realize no one is higher than anyone else. There is no such thing.
      Which brings me to an experience I had in 1999 at an HI retreat
      James Davis and Fran Blackwell were in attendance. The more I
      listened to those who called themselves HIs, the more they sounded
      ego driven and self made important! LOL what a crock! Anyway I
      was in a round table discussion in which Fran and James were a part
      of. I currently have forgoten what the topic was, but somehow we
      got on the subject of what do HIs do once they have completed
      reading all of the discourses and material available to them. Well
      of course the big organization push is always to go out and find
      more members, think about the mahanta's mission and devote your life
      to service! Yes, well I felt that my journey shouldn't end just
      because I ran out of material. So I spoke up and said I was writing
      my own discourses. Fran nearly blew a gasket, only eck master's can
      do that. Ahhh but I saw a kindred soul in James as he seemed in a
      similar place.

      > And have you come to any conclusions about all the experiences
      > eckists have that confirm eckankar's validity to them?

      Yes, that we can make "something" out to be what ever we are
      programed to believe! Take away the road block and continue on your

      > And how do YOU discern which experiences are real, and which
      > aren't, or do you just "know" with such certainty that you have no
      > issues with this?

      I just know. And the reason I just know is because I don't go
      looking for them anymore, they happen naturally. I have learned how
      to listen, and observe without having to try. :-)

      > And if you still "know," what do you think about that "knowing" or
      > that "certainty" you had before that told you eckankar was real to
      > you (assuming it was)?

      That knowing comes from within, we all can tap into this source,
      rather we always are! We just need to step out of our own way and
      live life. It's about the journey.... and once again I recommend
      the book by Jed McKenna, "Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damndest
      Thing". To wrap up this somewhat long reply, I will quote a poem
      from McKenna's book (I not affiliated with this individual just
      found an excellent read!) which best describes my way of thinking



      You will never achieve spiritual enlightenment.

      The you that you think of as you is not you.

      The you that thinks of you as you is not you.

      There is no you, so who wishes to become enlightened?

      Who is not enlightened?

      Who will become enlightened?

      Who will be enlightened?

      Enlightenment is your destiny----more certain than sunrise.

      You cannot fail to achieve enlightenment.

      Were you told otherwise?

      Irresistible forces compel you. The universe insists.

      It is not within your power to fail.

      There is no path to enlightenment:

      It lies in all directions at all times.

      On the journey to enlightenment, you create and

      destroy your own path with every step.

      No one can follow another's path.

      No one can step off the path.

      No one can lead another.

      No one can turn back.

      No one can stop.

      Enlightenment is closer than your skin,

      more immediate than your next breath,

      and forever beyond your reach.

      It need not be sought because it cannot be found.

      It cannot be found because it cannot be lost.

      It cannot be lost because it is

      not other than that which seeks.

      The paradox is that there is no paradox.

      Is that not the damnedest thing?
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