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  • tomleafeater
    Jan 1 11:54 AM
      Absolutely, Liz, one can have experiences just as before.

      One or two questions: Have you ever had an experience in a
      dream that turned out to by, well, just a dream, or do you still
      believe every dream is absolutely real, without discerning or
      questioning the content? And were your dreams that you may
      have had with Klemp still considered real to you, or do you now
      question the basis of those dreams?

      As to the color blue that you see in your spiritual eye: Do you still
      believe that color is higher than say, other colors? In other
      words, why blue?

      Have you found that the content of your "experiences" have
      changed much since you left eckankar?

      I other words, has the spiritual landscape that is so commonly
      shared by eckists in their experiences changed for you?

      Do you still think you're a "high initiate"?

      And have you come to any conclusions about all the experiences
      eckists have that confirm eckankar's validity to them?

      And how do YOU discern which experiences are real, and which
      aren't, or do you just "know" with such certainty that you have no
      issues with this?

      And if you still "know," what do you think about that "knowing" or
      that "certainty" you had before that told you eckankar was real to
      you (assuming it was)?


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "ewickings"
      <ewickings@...> wrote:
      > Hello KS and all,
      > Yep I went and rejoined ET. ;-) I un subbed several months
      ago thinking
      > Sharon was shutting her down. Ahhhh sorry Sharon if you
      have to re approve
      > me. :-) Happy Healthy New Year to everyone!
      > Now I wanted to mention something about my history pre
      > KS, sure you may have had experiences when in eck for 4
      years.... The thing
      > is, you can still have those awesome dreams and
      experiences. I am
      > comfortable in also saying, you will have more of these
      experiences now
      > that you are OUT of eckankar! Yep, you only needed the tools,
      it is your
      > own higher self that will guide you! To this day I still have
      waking dreams
      > awesome inner dream experiences that actually come true on
      the outer. And
      > that blue color seen in the spiritual eye, it's still there! I was an
      > eckists for 30 years, a 6th, an initiator and an eck spiritual
      aid.... When
      > I left 3 1/2 years ago, supposedly I was going to lose all those
      > gifts! NOPE! In fact they have actually gotten better.
      > I posted a story over on ESA a couple weeks ago concerning
      an experience I
      > had with my husband. :-) Mish re posted my story here on ET.
      :-) Anyway
      > I just want you to know, No one can take those experiences
      away from you
      > that you have discovered on your own!
      > eckankar does not have any "special" secret, direct one way
      route back to
      > god! And you do not need someone else as your guide, guru /
      master or
      > mythical mahanta. There are so many wonderful books and
      movies out that can
      > assist you in discovering more tools to help you. Have you
      checked out this
      > web site? http://www.whatisthesecret.tv/ I recently purchased
      a couple
      > of the books titled The Secret, gave them as gifts to family, and
      kept one
      > for myself. Also I recommend to everyone that leaves
      eckankar, the book
      > by Jed McKenna titled, "Spiritual Enlightenment The
      Damndest Thing".
      > Excellent book! If you can't afford the books maybe your local
      library can
      > help you?
      > Anyway, Pre eckankar, I was having OOB / soul travel
      experiences as young
      > as 5 years old. I have recall of picking my body and even my
      name before
      > coming into this life. I knew about reincarnation before ever
      > eckankar's spin.... All I needed was for someone to answer
      my questions
      > about those experiences.
      > Hang in there KS, you will find peace within. It takes time to
      > through life..... When I first left eckankar, I had a lot of crap to
      > Not just physical material I collected over the 30 years, but the
      > gunk I was programmed with for all of those years. Think
      about this; I was
      > 12 - 13 years old when I joined the teachings. It was my whole
      life.... I
      > was formed by this path. My whole way of thinking and living
      was controlled
      > by it! I often wonder what I would have been like had I not
      been one of
      > those eckies..... Though I will say I could have done worse!
      > Well I am going to have to get off this computer.... We are
      having a
      > strange Thunderstorm! Dec 31st, 43* here in MI and no
      snow! Just rain
      > and thunder and lightening! Go figure......
      > Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year. Enjoy your
      family, embrace and
      > enjoy life.... There is so much out there waiting for you!
      > Liz
      > -------Original Message-------
      > From: Raymond Seymour
      > Date: 12/31/2006 4:26:59 PM
      > To: eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [eckankartruth] Happy New Year
      > As a new year approaches...
      > I spent a lot of time looking at all the Eck literature I collected
      for four
      > almost four years, I took a lot of notes, went to two World
      Wides. I saw
      > the temple in Minnesota. I really loved it then. I came to realize
      I liked
      > anything that got me further away from who I was. I just still
      > perplexed at how the whole thing unfolded and I experienced
      the things I did
      > I really put my all into it. There were lots of months I didn't
      want to
      > ever be anything but a chela. Now I don't want to be anything. I
      just wish
      > someone could explain to me how I had those awesome
      dreams and even an OOB a
      > couple of times??? I spent time last night ending that chapter
      and putting
      > things in place. I didn't really get rid of my things because it is
      all a
      > part of who I am. I am looking forward to moving on and letting
      > Wishing you all, Eckist and non-Eckist a great New Year!!
      > KS
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