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6221Re: Eckankar is a dead horse!

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  • Sharon
    Aug 30, 2006
      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, Raymond Seymour <bkdclove4all@.
      ..> wrote:
      > Hello there, this is the first time I emailed anyone on this
      subject, but I am currently in Eckankar and I only get feedback from
      other Eckists, I want another opinion I question everything. Until
      recently, Eckankar was the only religion I had discovered that seem to
      answer my questions, but just like all the other religions I can't
      take the rules. Can you give me feedback on this it sounds like
      you've been there.
      > Thanks if you can.

      Hi Raymond -

      I joined because it seemed to answer many of my questions too - and it
      said *all* my questions would be answered eventually, when I was
      "ready". I took the bait, and before I knew it, I was reeled in and

      Sort of reminds me of a recent fishing experience. I was fishing with
      Codybear, my two-year-old grandson, who kept reeling in the bluegills
      one after the other. A roughly 10-year-old boy watched enviously, and
      eventually came over and asked us how to catch fish - it was his first
      time! He was using a big bright purple rubber worm that had come with
      his new rod & reel. I asked him if he'd eat a big purple rubber
      french fry. He said no. I said neither do fish, and gave him some of
      our nightcrawlers. They worked, and the kid started catching fish!

      We ate the rubber worm, Raymond!

      One of the first rules I learned in ekult wasn't really written
      anywhere - it's "don't ask". I asked what happened to Darwin Gross -
      this was not long after "Darwingate". I'd gotten his bio from the
      library, along with some Twitch & Klempbooks. The HI Arahata said
      "he's not the master anymore" and changed the subject. I eventually
      learned a little bit about his "fall from grace" in the eckbooks, then
      when I got out and got on the internet, I learned the truth.

      Anyway, feel free to ask questions here - I hope people will be polite
      if you get "ecky", especially me! <gg> And I *really* hope you're
      sincere about just getting feedback, and not another eckanmissionary
      playing games. That kind of thing is "old", boring, and I don't have
      the patience I used to.

      You might want to spend some time reading the message archives here,
      and also check out "EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous" and "X", and other
      stuff in the "links" and "files" sections here.

      Anyway, while I'm here - hi everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your
      delightfully eckfree lives just as much as I am!!

      Darn, I wish I'd been keeping a list of some interesting sites I've
      wanted to share here but never get around to, especially some that
      people have sent me and asked me to post, for one reason or another -
      have to go back thru my email and "compile" them. But for right now,
      here are a few that I just happen to have handy -


      http://www.truemajority.org/bensbbs/ - this one's especially awesome,
      it puts things into terms I can understand!! I get confused with big
      numbers. Make sure you go back & check out the rest of the site, too!

      http://www.hanksville.org/yucatan/sacrifice.html - this one leads
      nicely to the next, which *really* shocked me, the way CBS tried to
      keep this issue quiet! Make sure you read the story at the "Our
      Journey" link: http://www.honornation.org

      Here's one mentioned by a former eckist, who's hoping maybe to find
      some help & support for this very worthy cause, just one of so many
      trying to help solve the problem of Aids in Africa - in this case, the
      children. I just popped over to http://www.uhuru.de.vu to make sure
      I had the right link & it's still working, but it seems to me that
      when I first saw it, it was in English - don't remember if I used a
      website translator but tried to find one that worked & couldn't, and
      right now I'm sort of in a hurry - so it's in German but I know we've
      got at least one bi-lingual German/English speaker here.

      Last but not least: http://d21c.com/terri1/flash/smile.swf

      Okay, my mind just went blank except for one more thing, which I'll
      post separately!

      Have a good one, everyone!


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