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6220Re: [eckankartruth] Re: Eckankar is a dead horse!

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  • pato
    Aug 30, 2006
      Hello there, this is the first time I emailed anyone on this subject, but I am currently in Eckankar and I only get feedback from other Eckists, I want another opinion I question everything. Until recently, Eckankar was the only religion I had discovered that seem to answer my questions, but just like all the other religions I can't take the rules. Can you give me feedback on this it sounds like you've been there.

      Thanks if you can

      Hi All,
      Rules Rules Rules ......... Wats new with all these religions. Maybe one should form there own religion ,afterall it is ones relationship with themselves and God.wouldnt it be more adventerous,more liberating and more fulfilling? Cutting out the middle man or woman always helps.Start from the begining-I know nothing and then Scutinise wat you take in.Have the ability and the authority of accepting,rejecting or even deferring it.its your choice,your life and your happiness.Be wary of anyone asking for financial gain for spiritual awareness for observing the beauty of a flower in the countryside could give you more.
      Thats all I can on this subject and yet I know nothing .

      Stay tuned Pato the traveller.

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