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6218Re: Eckankar is a dead horse!

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  • tygerpurr
    Aug 25, 2006
      I agree. I haven't yet read Sam Harris's book, but I have read a few
      of his articles and saw one of his lectures on tv. It is also
      interesting that so many secular societies seem to be more
      compassionate than societies claiming to be all about religion. As far
      as eckankult claiming to be superior to organized religion, well,
      eckankult is just another authoritarian theocracy we can do without, imo.

      Tygerpurr ; )

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "battuta_maghreb"
      <battuta_maghreb@...> wrote:
      > It really is strange to look back after having opened one's eyes.
      > Unfortunately Eckankar isn't the only dead horse around these days.
      > This country and the world still has quite a ways to go before
      > rational thought is universally accepted. Sam Harris' book "The End
      > of Faith" addresses this issue briliantly.
      > http://www.samharris.org/site/book_end_of_faith/
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