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  • Sharon
    Jun 5 5:17 AM
      (I'm going to repost this ESA post to ET)

      > Message: 1
      > Date: Sun Jun 4, 2006 12:59 pm (PDT)
      > From: "kaye" eyesopen444@...
      > Subject: Re: Random Thoughts on Ekult
      > Hi Everyone,
      > HK claims to be a prophet and the highest
      > spiritual manifestation on earth. If this is true,
      > then why are Eck-Vidya readings or, at least,
      > predictions, no longer given. There are talented,
      > humble people who make no such lofty claims, but are
      > able to assist people, the police and healthcare
      > practitioners in the service of mankind.

      Readings are no longer given because back when Twitch
      was doing it, people started comparing their readings
      and discovered he was giving the same readings to many
      people!! It may be in "Wisdom Notes" that he ranted
      about this, said there were "reasons" for the
      duplicate readings that lowly chelas couldn't
      understand, and bitched that surely Edgar Cayce
      must've messed up a few times, too!

      The "Eck Vidya" is meaningless bullshit - Twitch just
      made it all up because he needed his own version
      "higher" version of astrology to sell.

      Twitch also used to claim he was a healer, and
      accepted "donations" for healings. One very sad story
      was revealed at a.r.e., when a woman whose mother died
      of breast cancer because she believed Twitch would
      heal her got on the internet and landed at a.r.e. Her
      mother hadn't told her family she had breast cancer
      because she believed in the Twitchster, and she died
      while this woman was away at college. The family knew
      nothing until they found the letters from Twitch after
      she died.

      Here's a link to the archived posts:

      I especially "loved" the response from "Jackie the
      Friendly Eckist" - a perfect example of e-kult's
      "detachment", don't you think?

      I can't tell you how many times over the years I'd
      read something Harold had written that was *so*
      unloving...actually, quite often I'd think that quite
      obviously he was a Republican <gg>...gawd, can't
      believe it bothered me so much that I wasn't able to
      stifle *caring* about people and become a properly
      "detached" eckist!!!

      It's strange looking back at a.r.e. - like the post
      from eckist "Glen" that turned up in that thread where
      he writes:

      "One of them is a lady who claims to have been an
      ex-Eckist. Her name is
      Sharon Comstock. She has posted several thousand posts
      here in the last 9
      months with 2-3 different addresses, but you can
      always tell a Sharon
      post. It says a little bit about a ton of stuff, but
      says nothing of
      substance about anything. By all means read all of her
      stuff, if you have
      the time. But be aware that she is the only person
      here who knows for sure
      if she ever was an Eckist. And at times she is not
      always clear on that

      This is a hoot, and shows just how lying & deceptive
      cult members can be - following the example of their
      phony "masters"!! Glen and I "knew" each other when
      I was an eckist, and we were both part of the
      behind-the-scenes "EckGestapo". When I first went to
      a.r.e. as an eckist, Glen's hateful posts really
      bothered me, and it *also* bothered me that I had such
      "negative" feelings about another eckist and what he
      was doing, so I wrote to him honestly about it to try
      to understand, and we had quite a discussion about it.

      Glen was a teacher in Canada, and he stopped posting
      at a.r.e. after a "detractor" using the name
      "Revealer" (and thank you always, Rev, if you're still
      out there!!) threatened to do to Glen what a.r.e.
      eckists so often do - in this case, inform the
      Canadian govt. that one of their teachers perhaps
      wasn't fit to be teaching children. I was still
      "officially" an eckist and chatting with Glen
      privately - he told me he'd made the mistake of using
      the same email address for a.r.e. that he was using to
      apply for financial aid for grad school!!

      Kaye, you're *so* right about the difference you've
      seen in other spiritual groups!!! Ekult isn't about
      love, it's about recruiting new marks!!

      I used to read the beautiful and uplifting testimonies
      in "Guideposts" and tell myself it was really "the
      eck" but those poor Christians just weren't "ready" to
      "know" that yet. But, like everything else, ekult's
      got it all *backwards*! Earth isn't perfect, but
      it's certainly *not* the ashcan of the universe,
      filled with depressed & unhappy non-eckists. Millions
      and millions of non-eckists find a hell of a lot more
      spiritual fulfillment and true "connection" with
      God/Spirit than many eckists can only dream about, but
      never achieve, simply because they're following a
      phony path that's focused on profit, not love.

      You know, this really isn't that bad - after some
      years "off" I'm trying to slowly work myself back into
      "detractor mode". <gg> I sort of had to turn myself
      off for awhile, and just not think about all the pain
      ekult causes innocent people.


      > Message: 2
      > Date: Mon Jun 5, 2006 1:45 am (PDT)
      > From: "Freefrom" eckchains@...
      > Subject: Re: Random Thoughts on Ekult
      > Hi Kaye,
      > I found your post to be very touching. So
      > much of eckankult
      > was all about this eck detached love, certainly
      > devoid of feelings and
      > therefore compasion and empathy. Eckankar is an
      > egocentric religion.
      > Quite often, I find myself overlooking a theology or
      > religious
      > viewpoint that I may disagree with when I observe
      > that the people
      > involved have heart. Actions speak louder than
      > words.

      So true!!!! I could have overlooked the plagiarism,
      seriously...what *really* did me in and woke me up was
      seeing the vicious hatefulness in other eckists,
      especially the HIs, and then seeing how this came
      straight from the LEMs and the "teachings".

      This is one area
      > that is a crossover for all the external trappiings
      > and dogma that are
      > on the surface. I rarely see this in eckankar
      > though. This world is
      > just an "ash can" and the goal is to escape it,
      > according to eck
      > doctrin as stated by Klemp and the other fake
      > "masters". Sometimes I
      > see this exhibited in the ex-eckists who complain
      > about those who
      > suposedly don't "move on, or forward".

      It's really only a small handful, and it's just
      because they've been so indoctrinated by the eckancrap
      about the horrible repercussions for speaking against
      "the master", and the silly belief that everyone's
      exactly where they should be, etc. They just need
      more time and "un-brainwashing".

      I had one former eckist write to me some years ago
      about that "moving on" nonsense. This one said they'd
      left the cult because they felt they needed to explore
      & experience some non-eckstuff, but they'd probably
      return when they were "ready", and in the meantime,
      they were still "recruiting", telling people who were
      interested in new-age stuff to look into it, with
      their highest recommendations!

      It's like, so many current members will ask "What's
      next?" and "Where do you go after eckankar?" They
      don't understand...they can't even imagine not
      following someone, something...not "belonging" and
      "believing" in something, not having someone tell them
      what to think and what to do...they have no concept of
      freedom, of being your own "shepherd" and not just one
      of the sheep.

      The Holocaust? Well...we all know what the cult
      teaches about *that*, don't we? All those massacred
      millions *deserved* it, they needed it for karma
      balancing, etc. Those poor Lords of Karma were
      evidently having a hard time doing their job with
      individual people, so they took care of it with a big

      The cult's karma teachings are just another trap, and
      leave absolutely *no* room for learning and growing
      through experience, or for forgiveness. I think
      perhaps eckists tend to focus on how karma affects
      them personally, as an ecksplanation for shitty things
      that happen to them, and maybe "good" things too.
      Like, instead of being grateful for any blessings in
      their lives, they often arrogantly congratulate
      themselves for being such wonderful "souls" that they
      deserve whatever they've got; they've earned it!

      There's just no room in the "teachings" for love and
      forgiveness. An example in my own life, from a very
      young age, I hardly ever took personal offense and
      held on to "grudges", etc. Life's too short, you
      know? And as the years passed and I "learned" about
      karma and reincarnation, I got "better" at this - not
      only did I do my best to not do anything that I'd have
      to come back & "pay off", but I didn't want to come
      back because someone owed me something, either!!!

      I wonder what
      > they would say
      > about Hitler and the Holocaust and the movie
      > Schindler's List, etc..

      You *know* what they say!! All the victims should
      shut up and be grateful!!

      > There are a lot of people who aggressively attempt
      > to educate each new
      > generation about the good and the bad in history.
      > They want the truth
      > to be told, and in some ways, it is a good thing to
      > NOT forget certain
      > atrocities, yet we can heal from and learn from
      > these experiences.
      > THere is a fundamentalism, both in organized
      > religion and some of the
      > New Age religions that puts a guilt trip on those
      > who would attempt to
      > learn and grow from their experiences, and then to
      > pass this learning
      > on to others, especially the youth. What eckankar
      > does to their youth,
      > just encourages denial and delusion, IMHO.

      I couldn't put my finger on it at the time, but many
      of the things aimed at eckyouth disturbed me. Now,
      children need to develop good healthy self-esteem, but
      is it good for kids to think they're some kind of
      "masters"? How often do the "teachings" say that
      kids may be higher "spiritually" than adults?

      I know of one whose wacko eckmother raised him to
      believe he'd been a "master" in past lives and would
      probably be one in this one too. Even though he was
      never an eckist, it didn't appeal to him even as a
      child, this nonsense affected him by giving him a
      false feeling of superiority although this mostly
      works unconsciously. It seems to me that this young
      man somehow felt unable to live up to what he'd been
      told he was in past lives, and quite realistically
      didn't think he could do it in this life either, and
      the end result is a young man who's mostly totally
      clueless about normal life on earth, having "normal"
      dreams and aspirations and goals, and doing what it
      takes to achieve them.

      Oh, well...

      Laughing here, though...I *loved* the "Tattooed
      Stranger" story and I *do* believe and love stuff like
      that! But since I've gotten out of eckanlalaland I'm
      more realistic, and often even cynical.

      Well, some years back there was a guy out on the
      streets with a "Will Work For Food" sign. And the
      local newspaper interviewed him and ran a big
      sob-story about how he was just trying to take care of
      his family. So, one day my young son & I drove by,
      and traffic was heavy so it took awhile for me to get
      turned around and come back for him. Now, I never had
      much money but I was real good at adding more water to
      the soup, and there was always room in my home for
      people who didn't have a roof over their heads. When
      my son was little, I couldn't work for several years
      because of a back injury, so I had to be very
      creative. I was also good at finding jobs for people,
      friends did construction work and could always give
      someone a job, even if it was only for a week or so.

      So, I stopped and told this man I could really use
      some help with some yardwork, and I had a big pot of
      spaghetti on the stove. He said most people just gave
      him money. I told him I didn't have any. So he said
      thanks, but no thanks.

      A few days later, my son-in-law told me this guy had
      been in the bar, laughing and throwing around his
      money, telling everyone how easy and lucrative it was
      to stand on the side of the road with your hand out.

      Well, what can you do? There are many dishonest
      people out there - like, I saw a news report about
      some local people who ran down to LA after Katrina and
      got money by claiming to be victims. And the local
      head of the Make-A-Wish Foundation was arrested for
      stealing thousands of dollars donated to help
      terminally ill children.

      When I picked up that first eckbook at the library,
      some of the things I read seemed pretty far-fetched,
      but it just didn't occur to me that someone would
      deliberately lie, especially about God!! At first I
      was just curious, I wasn't "committed" or anything, I
      just wanted to learn more. The books said check it
      out, try it for yourself...I didn't realize, that's
      how it works. Slowly and subtly. Before I knew it, I
      was hooked, I "believed".

      I remember specifically one thing I read, I forget
      where, Twitch was ranting about how the whole universe
      had been against "the eck" since the beginning of time
      and all the kal-forces were working to destroy it,
      etc. I though it was ridiculous and a bit paranoid -
      at the time, I didn't realize that when Twitch was
      starting his little racket, he'd studied a lot of
      cults and religions and their tactics (and he admits
      this in LC and other places) so he knew that
      eventually he'd have to deal with defectors...he
      prepared for it ahead of time by incorporating all
      those dire threats into the "teachings" to discredit
      former members and hopefully at least keep them silent
      when they woke up and got out!!

      One thing that sort of "bugs" me about many former
      members is how they'll blame everything on Klemp and
      still think Twitch was something "special". Sometimes
      they think Darwin was legit, too. They fail to see
      how Klemp is purely a creature of the Twitch, a total
      & "perfect" example of cultic indoctrination!!!

      You know, I hadn't even looked at a.r.e. since roughly
      February, and hadn't been paying much attention to it
      for quite awhile before that. Well, I recently
      learned that Google emails usenet posts, so I signed
      up. Oh horrors, I've only read *one* daily digest,
      and there's Clergyboy Rich Smith being deceptive as

      Yep, there are people out there working hard to
      convince the world that the Holocaust didn't happen.

      Enough of a ramble for now!! Have a great week,



      Don't be deceived by a seemingly innocent program on "Spiritual Dreams" or "Past Lives" at your local library or community center! It's one of many ways Eckankar and other cults recruit new members. Learn the truth before you sign over your mind, heart, soul, and life insurance!! See a short intro video at: http://tinyurl.com/hw7p7 and check out the links at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eckankartruth
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