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  • al_radzik
    Mar 2, 2006
      You don't need to write a book....you've said everything you've had
      Who else in the world can write about wheat allergies, divorce and
      Eckankar in one missive. You should get your own talk show.


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "Sharon" <brighttigress@...>
      > (Sorry, typed this up yesterday morning but didn't get it sent!)
      > Hi Kaye!
      > Thanks for sharing your story, and welcome!
      > I found it rather revealing that after you resigned and confirmed
      > resignation by signing & returning their letter, they sent you a
      > threat-filled "Mystic World". Did they do this because they love
      > I think not.
      > I didn't get a Mystic World, but my "sign & return" letter wanted
      > make sure I knew that I was doing, that I would lose all my
      > initiations and have to start at the beginning if I changed my
      > Furthermore, I would not be allowed to re-join for six months.
      > They didn't ask why I was leaving. They didn't have to. In spite
      > what the eckthugs say, MN most certainly *does* monitor a.r.e.
      > You know, sometimes it's very difficult for me to remember that
      > Klemp's a victim, too. But, we all have to be responsible for our
      > choices - and Klemp made some bad ones. When he became LEM and set
      > people to work looking into the plagiarism, and even discovered
      > plagiarism that still hasn't been exposed, he could have been
      > about it. But he wasn't. He chose to continue the lies, and even
      > added to them. He tightened the control. He increased the
      > He focused more on what would maintain & increase the numbers of
      > members & donations.
      > For example, what I think of as the "Club Med" letter in the Mystic
      > World years back. He told people to cut down on the bed-hopping at
      > seminars because it gave potential new recruits a bad impression!!
      > wondered why he didn't say anything "spiritual" - maybe a few words
      > about the "spiritual aspects of sexuality, how the *outer* is a
      > manifestation of the "inner", how Maybury's Laws apply. Now, I
      > don't really remember the timing - since I didn't socialize with
      > local ecksts I missed a lot, so by the time I read what Klemp had
      > say about his divorce & remarriage it was probably old news.
      > it a bit ironic that while Klemp was bitching about seminar-
      > bedhopping, it might have been when he was still married to #1 but
      > carrying on rather openly with his secretary/mistress, including
      > traveling with her to seminars?
      > Have to laugh, actually. When I joined, although I'd had a pre-
      > dream "ecksperience" with Klemp that certainly seemed to "prove"
      > the "teachings" were true, I had "doubts" - my intent was
      > just what the books said - prove it to yourself, and learn neat
      > holey secret stuff on the "inner" as well as the "outer" by signing
      > & studying the discourses, etc. I *will* say one thing - yep,
      > eventually all my questions were answered. Unfortunately, not the
      > the cult planned. When I got answers to all those questions I'd
      > of kept filed away, I left! The answers were all the same -
      > was b.s., and even worse than b.s.!
      > Arrrghhh, just realized I'm doing it again, "yakking" with
      > the same-old, same-old that I've typed umpteen million times since
      > I've left but as usual, not typing it for a new website so I never
      > ever have to do it again, and if necessary and if I have something
      > relevant to say, I can simply direct people to the URL. I want to
      > a "Silent One"! And I'm laughing here again, my inner 11-year-
      > boy always flashed to "Silent But Deadly" whenever they were
      > mentioned. Hmmm....you know, maybe it wasn't my inner 11-year-
      > maybe that was the true "inner master"? <gg>
      > Anyway, while I'm here, a few odds & ends. First of all, I
      > recommend a free e-book by a former Amway "high initiate". And I
      > sincerely apologize to all those innocent victims I judged a bit
      > harshly when I first saw Amway on cult lists. I was basically
      > to all that MLM recruiting nonsense because my mother went from one
      > another, and I figured that anyone with the least bit of common
      > could see them for what they are. I joined a few to help my
      > but they were simply part-time jobs - I'd go do my parties, and
      > was it. I didn't get nutsy about them. I had *no* interest in
      > recruiting or doing anything more than a party or two every week or
      > so, because I could see that the more involved you got, the more
      > got piled up in your home, and any profits would go right back to
      > company.
      > So, head over to: http://merchantsofdeception.com and download the
      > book!! And if anyone out there has WebTV and can't use Adobe to
      > read .pdf documents, I saved a copy in plain text so drop me a line
      > I'll send it to you.
      > Although this book is useful to help former eckists learn more
      > how cults work, I think it's also great for current eckists - they
      > read it "detached" without having those cult-implanted mind-
      > kick in, and perhaps in time things will "click" and they'll see
      > e-kult is no different.
      > Sort of ironic - a couple years ago I saw a little counter display
      > "Seasilver", a liquid product that claimed to contain *all*
      > known to man. Well, that's what I'd been looking for!!! The
      > clerk and her family used it and swore by it, especially for
      > allergies. So I contacted the distributor & got some, can't
      > say whether or not it really did do anything but it seemed to. I
      > started "sharing" it simply because I thought it was a good
      > but one *huge* problem was the promotional literature - you know,
      > usual "cures cancer & saved my life!" stuff. You know, when
      > got a genuinely good product you don't need all that ridiculous
      > "hype". If I gave someone a brochure, I felt embarrased - I told
      > people to ignore the b.s.
      > Well, very shortly afterwards, the FDA (or whoever) shut them down -

      > the stuff supposedly had a cranberry juice base, but it turned out
      > didn't - it contained artificial cranberry flavoring. Can you
      > imagine?? This was a *huge* lie!!!! And it wasn't even
      > you know? But what was *more* amazing was the b.s. from the
      > Honestly, the head of the company went on & on about government
      > persecution, and even said that he was on a mission from God, God
      > on his side, Seasilver would "come back" bigger & better than ever,
      > and everyone would get rich & live forever. Not one word about
      > fact that Seasilver claimed to contain cranberry juice, but
      > What was even *more* amazing, I was on a little email list for my
      > "sponsor's" distributor group - neither he nor anyone else said
      > anything, asked questions - nothing!!!!
      > Anyone who knows me, well.....<ggg>.... I posted something like -
      > there's no cranberry juice in it!!!
      > I got *one* private email from someone asking me what I think they
      > should do. Duh.
      > Anyway, I just now did a quickie search on "Seasilver" - now, why
      > heck didn't I do that to begin with? In spite of everything, I
      > I'm always going to be trusting, and start out assuming that
      > else is basically honest, just like me.
      > Okay, while we're on the subject of health - Hi Mike!!! I could
      > really get into chatting about food & health!! I've seen recent
      > statistics that disturbed me a bit - how veggies don't contain the
      > vitamins they had 50 years ago. Understandable - I've always been
      > "into" organic gardening. A veggie can't contain nutrients that
      > aren't in the soil they grow in. And vitamin levels in little
      > I think what I read said 5 year olds, are way down. On the other
      > hand, over the years I've known a lot of people who live on junk
      > & white bread, etc., and they're a heck of a lot healthier than
      > lifelong "health food nuts" I've known!!
      > Different people have different nutritional requirements, that's
      > I happen to be allergic to wheat, which is sort of okay because I
      > never really liked to eat bread and pasta. Probably because even
      as a
      > kid, on some level I recognized I didn't feel good when I ate
      > Makes sense, huh? <gg> Anyway, rather recently I've been eating
      > lot more bread than usual since I discovered a half-price
      > Farm rack at a local grocery store!! <gg> I've sort of been
      > "binging" - which for me means eating a whole mini-bagel or two
      > of bread. Especially the cinnamon-raisin varieties. I can
      > half a mini-bagel or one slice of bread okay, but anything more
      > me feel like crap. But that's just me. My system does best on
      > old all-American red meat, especially fresh & raw.
      > Anyway, a friend has been telling me how good sunflower seeds are
      > chicken salad and oatmeal, to mention just two, for a long time.
      > although I almost always have my jar of sunflower seeds handy - I
      > refill it with less expensive no-additives bagged seeds - I just
      > thought to try her suggestions until a couple of days ago, when I
      > remembered and tossed some into my chicken salad. Ohmigod, they
      > *so* good I added a lot more, and can't wait to try them in my
      > oatmeal!!!! Try it, everyone!!!!
      > Okay....on to something else now. I'm doing this here or it'll
      > get done - darn, right now, to be honest I don't remember if I'd
      > posted at ESA or "Chains" last week, and had started on another one
      > but never finished & posted it - so I'll just be brief here, I
      > everyone here reads the other groups too - the possibility of Joan
      > becoming the FLEM (thanks for that one, Liz, it's even funner than
      > TWOT!!) was being discussed. Actually Gail was the first FLEM,
      > not "official". It's going to be interesting watching the
      > & what happens in the future.
      > You know, this could end up with history repeating itself! Will
      > time come when Harold is no longer able to handle the FLEM's mighty
      > power flows, just like Mrs. Klemp couldn't handle his? <gg> Of
      > course, it's highly unlikely that Harold is going to die in bed
      with a
      > young hottie the way Twitch did, but maybe Joanie is already
      > seminar crowds for her Darwin? Will she be handing him a blue
      > carnation one day?
      > Mish, your noticing Klemp's mentioning Joan's appearing in members'
      > dreams in the new "eckmasters" book, and thinking there's something
      > more behind it, is *very* significant. I'm sure your instincts
      > right on the mark, and I'm glad you mentioned it! I've
      been "out"
      > for a long time, and before that I was always "behind" with the
      > so I never saw much mention of her. Although way way back, I saw
      > video where he had laryngitis and had to whisper in her ear, and
      > repeated it. At the time, I thought that was very sweet. Have to
      > laugh, though - when I found out about his ill health so long ago,
      > was also told he was getting better. Sometimes there's just so
      > "truth" in those little things we notice, even when they seem
      > insignificant. Like, the story I read where Klemp said
      he'd "heard"
      > about his daughter's graduation. Heard??? You know, divorce
      > happens, and the sad truth is that a lot of men don't stay involved
      > with their children when they're no longer sleeping with the
      > and especially when they have to pay child support. On the other
      > hand, the reverse can be true - I know some totally awesome single
      > dads, and "mothers" who just took off & dumped the kids, and I also
      > know divorced couples who absolutely *despise* each other but still
      > keep their children's welfare first and their personal feelings
      > each other to themselves. But either way, that one word, "heard",
      > says a lot about the "Master of the Universe", doesn't it?
      > Oh!!! Almost forgot - and to be honest, it may have been mentioned
      > here and I may have missed it, but I recently "discovered" another
      > Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spiritualsurvivor/
      > Although this one was started by a former eckist, I don't believe I
      > even saw e-kult mentioned by name, and it's not at all
      > So far it looks like a good group with *lots* of potential, and I
      > very good feelings from it. Thanks, Ed, for starting it! I hope
      > you get some members from the many other new-agey "master" cults
      > there, many of which are so small you can't really find much info
      > them, pro *or* con!
      > And everyone, I'd just like to remind you that I appreciate when
      > people announce new groups & add them to the "links" here - except
      > when it's those darned pesky "religious spammers", but I catch 'em
      > "pending" so they don't get thru. At first I used to think these
      > people had actually read a bit here at ET - for example, quite
      > back one of them slipped past me because I'm interested in Native
      > American spirituality, but after trying to converse with the guy,
      > was obvious he was just a spammer. I'd left the link here though,
      > but I'm pretty sure I removed it when recently a Native American
      > me that this particular person/website was one of the many
      > You know, popping over to the other groups right now has made me
      > that it's not just that I'm not really keeping up with reading my
      > "daily digests", I don't think I've been getting them.
      > And right now I've gone way beyond my daily eckstuff limit <gg> and
      > mind is drifting far far away, so I'm going to close now. And
      > although I've been "Thinking Spring", tomorrow is March lst so I
      > everyone to think "blizzard" - it'll be nice if March goes out like
      > lamb!!! Can't really complain, here in PA it hasn't really been
      > bad winter. Come to think of it, I don't think we got below zero
      > all, which is unusual for where I live.
      > And Kaye, thanks again for posting & sharing your story!!
      > it reminded me of some things, I might end up posting some more
      > another time.
      > Bye everyone!! Have a good one!!!
      > Hugs,
      > Sharon
      > >
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