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  • colleen
    Jan 2, 2006
      Hi Jamie,
      I haven't posted very often in the last few months,
      but I check in every now and then....

      So glad you appreciate Alice Miller's work. Have you
      read For Your Own Good by Miller? It includes a
      revealing in-depth analysis of Hitler's life and how
      many in his society allowed him to gain power.

      Miller highlights "hidden cruelty in child-rearing and
      the roots of violence" as well as the manipulation of
      the individual and group.

      also interesting that Twitchell told us about Hitler's
      manipulation of the "group consciousness", using
      Twitchell's terminology. Ever noticed how some people
      give voice to what he/she is involved in? (Without
      accepting responsibility for it, of course).

      Take care....Hello Everyone!!! Happy New Year!!! And
      for all who wish it, continued healing and integration
      of the eckankar experience.


      --- jjamie1977 <jjamie1977@...> wrote:

      > colleen, i don't know if ur still around, but i just
      > finished reading
      > one of Alice Miller's books. I found her because
      > you posted some
      > quotes on this site a while back. The woman is
      > amazing, and I am so
      > profoundly grateful for finding her book (prisoners
      > of childhood).
      > jamie....

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