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  • violinmike2002
    Dec 5, 2005
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      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "l2eigh" <lgrif@m...> wrote:
      > Hi Thomas:
      > I thought this was a modern myth. An urban legend. Hasn't
      > this idea been floating around on the internet for a couple of years?
      > Leigh

      Its a joke people. Cults are lawsuit happy and nothing
      would make them happier then a chance to sue for publicity;
      a movie about them. The only pro eckankar story would be
      made by eckankar and they have too many other things to
      do with their money. Minnesota loves me lord I can't go
      back there... ( to tune of Indiana Wants me)
      There is a good story though in the Darwin- Harold
      leadership squabble and the lawsuits . Wonder what Darwin
      really looks like, those photos at little atom must be
      15 years old. I'd pay to see a movie about that. Well \
      maybe not.
      The truth is nobody cares about Eckankar- except us
      poor suckers that get eckmeshed in it. I ran across an
      Eck member today. He still doesn't talk to me about leaving
      2 years ago, and hes a decent kind sort.

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