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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 1, 2005
      Hello LB,
      It's interesting that these Eastern based religions (Eckankar, TM,
      Hari Krishnas, etc.) like to use gold leaf or that look.

      heidi88 maxrules wrote:
      > Hi Prometheus,
      I've been away from the org long enough that I forget, or at least
      try to forget, how anal, insular, and rules and regulations-oriented
      they can be. Not to mention just plain wacky.

      ***Those rules (guidelines) can be quite complex and tiring. Klemp
      had to finally try to get his H.I.s on the same page, but it was too
      little and too late. These are all volunteers who want to find peace
      and spiritual growth in their lives, but Klemp stresses them out
      with demands of being a "Co-Worker with the Mahanta" with trainings
      to become better missionaries (vahanas). The money has to continue
      to flow in order to pay for the illusion!

      > I have the displeasure of seeing all the latest ECK and HI
      newsletters. I just glance through because it's the same dullness,
      over and over. What did catch my eye were some pics of the new
      Spiritual Center. A European palace should look so lavash. A
      sweeping staircase, gold (probably real) everywhere, expensive floor

      ***Yes, Klemp must feel very proud of himself. He has a nicer church
      than just about any other minister in the Minneapolis area! He's
      really a big cheese from Wisconsin!

      > I've heard people say, including myself, that religion is for
      people who don't want to have to think for themselves. In some
      ways, that goes double for Eckankar.

      ***Religion has also been called the opiate of the people! I agree
      that Eckankar is even more insidious than the orthodox religions we
      grew up with because we left them because we didn't trust them...
      they weren't honest with us. We trusted Twitchell and the "Eck"
      teachings and then find out that it was just another scam! The
      problem that some people have, after leaving Eckankar, is that their
      egos protect them from the truth and can't admit that they were
      tricked. Therefore, these people find other scams and cults just as
      bad in order to replace the void Eckankar left in their lives!

      > In a crisis situation, I'd welcome some Christians, along with a
      preaching about Jesus, if they are giving me food and shelter. At
      least they doing something to help their fellow man, and animal, I
      would hope. It would sure beat an "it's your karma" ecksplanation.

      ***Yes, it would be nice but I really don't see Klemp donating money
      to the Red Cross!

      > Oh well, no use getting too worked up about it. As I've said
      before, I'm just glad to be away from it all. The local eckists have
      always been very nice to me - it's just not enough to make me want
      to socialize with them in any way.

      ***I still have lunch from time to time with a few Eckists around
      here and meet up with others in my travels. It's interesting talking
      about current events and such. The comments of Tom Cruise and
      Scientology came up once. It was fun saying, "Wasn't Paul once a
      follower of L. Ron Hubbard?" That really got some strange looks!

      > BTW, Heidi is the name of one of my dear-departed dogs.

      ***Yes, I realized that I made the mistake after it was sent...

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