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5608Re: Not Surprised

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  • heidi88_2000
    Sep 1, 2005
      Hi Prometheus,

      I've been away from the org long enough that I forget, or at least
      try to forget, how anal, insular, and rules and regulations-oriented
      they can be. Not to mention just plain wacky.

      I have the displeasure of seeing all the latest ECK and HI
      newsletters. I just glance through because it's the same dullness,
      over and over. What did catch my eye were some pics of the new
      Spiritual Center. A European palace should look so lavash. A
      sweeping staircase, gold (probably real) everywhere, expensive floor

      I've heard people say, including myself, that religion is for people
      who don't want to have to think for themselves. In some ways, that
      goes double for Eckankar.

      In a crisis situation, I'd welcome some Christians, along with a
      preaching about Jesus, if they are giving me food and shelter. At
      least they doing something to help their fellow man, and animal, I
      would hope. It would sure beat an "it's your karma" ecksplanation.

      Oh well, no use getting too worked up about it. As I've said before,
      I'm just glad to be away from it all. The local eckists have always
      been very nice to me - it's just not enough to make me want to
      socialize with them in any way.

      BTW, Heidi is the name of one of my dear-departed dogs.
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