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  • Sharon
    Jul 3, 2005
      Hi Everyone!

      Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday weekend! The
      weather here is absolutely *perfect*! And the nice
      thing about "catch and release" lakes is that often
      you get to see more totally awesome big fish than you
      would elsewhere, plus you don't have to clean your

      Anyway, although like many people I find crop circles
      very interesting, I guess I never really paid that
      much attention - but the photos at the link below
      absolutely knocked my socks off!




      --- Infinite Being <News@...> wrote:

      > Date: 3 Jul 2005 10:53:30 -0000
      > To: brighttigress@...
      > Subject: Article: Friends in the Fields
      > From: Infinite Being <News@...>
      > Article: Friends in the Fields
      > Every summer, in the south of England, grand and
      > mysterious
      > works of art silently appear in the crop fields.
      > Crop circles have depicted elaborate formations such
      > as
      > galaxies, ancient Sanskrit letters, spiral nebulae,
      > eclipses
      > and even the human chakra system.
      > The symbols they portray are wake-up calls to a
      > humanity in
      > transformation, reminding the inner consciousness of
      > what
      > it once knew but had forgotten.
      > To view a selection of particularly inspiring crop
      > circle
      > photographs, click on this link or type the address
      > into
      > your web browser:
      > AOL users: <a href="
      > http://www.infinitebeing.com/0507/fields.htm">click
      > here.</a>
      > If you'd like to STOP receiving weekly articles,
      > please click the link below (or copy the entire link
      > into your browser) to discontinue them:
      > http://infinitebeing.com/smpro/signout.htm
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