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  • rumizappo
    May 2, 2005
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      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, ShabdaHu <shabdahu@y...> wrote:
      > Hi SpaceGivingIsRumi.
      > I'm an ex-Eckist. I was a member of Eckankar for 3 years, left and
      joined another western group that was more based around Sant Mat
      itself, particularly Science of Spirituality, which was the path Paul
      left before creating Eckankar. Then I left that, too<S>, but not
      until I'd studied quite a bit of it and then began to see the *spins*
      it had put on the bhakti yoga path and over which SM had no original
      > The name shabdahu came from marrying one favorite word of the SM's
      for sound with Hoooooo or Whooooooooooo, which I came to know in it's
      sound as an inner "wind" a few years before I found Eckankar, and
      which I can see you know is also the main word for God for at least
      most Sufi paths. But I didn't know anything of those paths, or any
      path, when I first experienced Hooooo and I spell it that way to
      indicate the more pronunciation I intend for it and as compared to

      Hi Shabdahu!

      > Of course, shabda is just a general sanskrit word for sound,
      however, and isn't a creation of the SM's. And these years later, I
      realize, too, that Hoooo or Whooo as a wind sound is one of
      those "doesn't belong to any culture" sounds; it's a sound that
      occurs for every culture with the same sound. It's like sohum that
      way, and which is the sounds the breath makes on intake and
      expellation. I've also seen Hooo classified as a seed mantra because
      it is one syllable. Someday I may be changing Hu to Hoo to further
      underscore it's pronunication and to make it cultureless.
      > I read a lot of Rumi, however, and love his works, like just about
      everyone else does, it seems:). He's been a real mainstay for me
      many times on the path.
      > In Hoooo,
      > shabdahu.

      Hi Shabdahu!

      Thanks for responding. I first read about ECKANKAR in 1969 when I was
      thirteen, but didn't find anyone who was in it until four years
      later, so I became a member in 1973.

      My renewal came up earlier this year, but for so many reasons some of
      us know all too well, I finally let it go.

      I read a little bit about Sant Mat when I was thirteen, but didn't
      really know much about it until the late seventies. I have been
      reading Rumi since I was thirteen and fortunately (for the most part)
      there are alot more Rumi translators than there were in the sixties
      and seventies!

      And, of course, Rumi has his own webpage on "Sri" Michael Owens' site
      (!) But how did his poetry get so bad over 700 years? Has he been
      drinking Mad Dog or Boones Farm?

      I agree with you that Hu is really pronounced Hoo or a balance
      between Hugh and Hoo...

      And that Hu doesn't belong to any particular path and has been around
      all throughout history in various cultures all over the world.

      But you knew that!

      Anyway, thanks for responding.


      > rumizappo <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, ShabdaHu <shabdahu@y...>
      > > <snipped repeat of that long, long post!)
      > This is for ShabdaHu:
      > Hi there ShabdaHu
      > I was just wondering if you are an ECKist or an EK or Ex ECKist,
      > is, one who has gone outside or beyond the present Harold Klemp
      > bedtime story of ECKANKAR.
      > By the way, love your name. (Honestly)
      > Sincerely,
      > SpaceGivingIsRumi
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