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4996Costume Consciousness: The Mask behind the Mask

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  • tygerpurr
    Nov 1, 2004
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      Subject: Costume Consciousness: The Mask behind the Mask

      This is a copy of a post from the higher Consc. Society that was
      forwarded to me, not the party below, who seems to be fairly honest.
      It is a very interesting description of how a group of individuals
      claiming "Higher Consciousness" can use "multiple personalities" as a
      way to manipulate and give "advise" to others. It would seem that
      anything goes. This is very unfortunate, to say the least. This is all
      on their public Bull Board.

      " 7/19/04

      Skeptical of Motives In Some Postings On This Web Site
      Hi R.,

      Some of us who have been on the BBs for quite awhile are very much
      aware of who some people are and aren't. The John Galt character from
      Atlas Shrugged is actually Mario or Betty H.'s husband. He is also
      Sybil and JS although he does not like being identified with JS.
      Sorry, but I know better from just reading the posts and the comments
      referring to JS from Betty and vice versa. I'm not trying to dig up
      any unpleasantness, but after all this is a sister site for Truth
      Seekers, and it's all recorded in the archives. Basically, there are
      some people that use various pseudonyms which is fine, but some of
      these people also support themselves by the use of these different
      pseudonyms in an attempt to confuse people and to make it seem
      their point of view is the dominant one. Some of these people even
      attempt to bully others by using the excuse that they are defending
      another one of their many personalities. Of course this is just an
      excuse to do as they please as their huge egos play their games with
      the freedom Ford gives us for expression on the BBs.

      It was also asked of Mario (John Galt), at one time, what does one do
      with all of this information? Do you join Green Peace or write letters
      to the editor or to your government representatives? The answer was
      that you do nothing with the infomation! You just tell others about it!

      With all of the criticism with Michael Moore using half truths and a
      personal agenda it seems that the pot is calling the kettle black when
      posts are used in the same way!

      I was going to change my pseudonym, but being usually skeptical seems
      like an attitude more of us should express.

      Usually Skeptical"