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4816Re: [eckankartruth] Re: Twitch's Harmless Prank?

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  • Elizabeth
    Sep 3, 2004
      brighttigress@... wrote:

      >Of course, the cult will deny *all* responsibility for any part they
      played in this, saying the victims just didn't "get it" - and there's that
      old klempquote where he says if anyone has an "ecksperience" where he
      tells them to drink the Koolaid - don't! It's not him.

      *** Has everyone already forgotten Harold's World Wide Mental melt down last year.... and how he discussed suicide and his thoughts on this subject at his Saturday night talk??? From what I recall he wasn't as "against" it, which is contrary to his past threats of returning within 30 days to do it all over again..... I know several of us ex-eckies listened to the talk he gave, via the net. Can anyone find the archived messages concerning this topic over at ex-eckankar or even here? I'm pretty sure those of us that did listen in gave a pretty accurate account of the talk.

      >That's bullshit!! And that's a big problem in the cult - it's impossible
      for members to really "know" just about anything, on the "inner" or
      "outer". The only standards one has for whether they're really "getting
      it" or not is those meaningless pink slips - and even then, I'm sure I'm
      not the only one who really wondered!

      *** I've been out of the cult now for a year, and every time someone brings up even the simplest thing such as pink slips, I wonder what the hell was wrong with my head to put sooo much into this path?

      Wednesday morning I had to take my husband into the ER. He was doubled over in severe abdominal pain... it was day two of this horrible pain! He spent 2 hours in ER just waiting to be seen. The Doc looked him over, took blood, and x-rays and set up emergency surgery for an appendectomy. We waited and waited, til 4 pm that afternoon (7 hours) for the surgeon to show up... I won't go into the details of all the mistakes that followed...... but during all those hours of waiting for answers and something to be done, not once did I call on the Mahanta, or the Eck! Not once did I become fearful of what "this was all about" what fucking spiritual lesson was in this experience!? I spent all those hours very calmly waiting, and asking questions, and just listening to logic within my own head!!!

      It was that logic, and awareness that prevented my husband from having a surgery he didn't need! It was that clear thinking logic that wouldn't allow the nurse to take him to surgery without hearing what was going on from the doctor.... they had done a CT scan, and never gave us a report of what they saw. I kept insisting it was not what they thought it was, based on his symptoms, and his family history. I recommended he might have diverticulitis since his pain was on the left rather than on the right side of the abdomen.

      Sadly in the past I would not have been as involved in my husbands care.... I would have given it all over to the Mahanta and the Eck and tried to figure out the lesson in the waking dream message. I would have trusted the Eck completely! The cultbot eckist that are reading this will say the kal is giving me these false intuitive answers just to keep me in the lower worlds.... I've turned to the dark side LOL, and will be taken care of by the kal with his false guidance, happiness, riches etc... ;-)

      This talk about eckist committing suicide for the eck doesn't surprise me! It actually happens more than you read or hear about. Several years ago I was introduced by my sister to a young man from her area... seemed like a very nice, balanced devoted young eck man. Two weeks later she calls to tell me he was found dead in his apartment. I said what the hell happened. She said he was a very healthy guy, and there was no known reason for his death by natural causes.... well no kidding! Turns out he took his own life. And of course the Org does not take responsibility for these sorts of incidents! Would any org, business etc??? of course not, then they would be paying out the nose! So, they make it someone Else's problem.... the guy was unbalanced and not because of their teachings, he must have had some mental issues.... hence the reason Harold started telling ESA's to refer people to "doctors" in the appropriate fields, rather than council them spiritually. Although I
      fear many ESA's never had the real abilities to "see" when someone needed real outside help.... directing them to turn everything over to the eck, or figured because they were an ESA they had some special powers as a vehicle for the eck and the mahanta and could give them the proper guidance. I wonder how many eckist were paying attention when Harold spoke about suicide and his own thoughts of doing it at last years WW....

      ~Life Affirmation~

      Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
      but by the moments that take our breath away.

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