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4812Re: Twitch's Harmless Prank?

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  • heidi88_2000
    Sep 2, 2004
      > I can't read Frency, either (lol)....but the gist of this is that 10
      > dead bodies were discovered. They had ingested cyanide. One woman
      > behind a 14 page suicide letter, saying this was "for the eck". They
      > went to be with their "master".
      > There are 3 articles on the site, dealing with this gruesome
      > The main site had an overview in English, which I believe, is still
      > -Charlie-

      Well this can't be good for business. It really is sad, tho. I'm
      going to see if I can find the English version on the site. I'm sure
      EckCorp in MN will do what they can to keep this quiet.

      I could be wrong, but I think that France isn't as cult-friendly as
      we are here in the states. I wonder how big of an investigation
      they'll be doing. I know that Germany has banned Scientology,
      calling them evil, and all that.

      Another dark chapter in the ongoing Eck saga.

      Linda B
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