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  • Sári
    Sep 1, 2004
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      here's a rough translation:

      Drama of St-Paul: l’enquête s’oriente towards the Eckankar sect

      The thesis according to which the sect whose seat is located at Minnesota would be with l’origine death of ten people, Friday, is considered. Numbers d’indices tend towards this track.

      Rajesh Dhayam and Crithika Mawooa carried both of
      the medallions with initials EK. <http://www.lexpress.mu/images/25204_1.jpg>
      Rajesh Dhayam and Crithika Mawooa carried both of the medallions with initials EK.
      Two medallions carrying initials EK are on the corpses of Crithika Mawooa and Rajesh Dhayam. These indices led the investigators to l’hypothèse according to which the Eckankar sect would be behind the death of ten people with Béchard Lane, St-Paul.

      Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) has on its side confirmed yesterday that the victims died in the continuation d’un poisoning with cyanide. L’express, in its edition of Saturday, had already made state of it.

      The investigators thus s’attellent to seek more details on operation and the ritual one of the Eckankar sect. They also seek to establish ḻidentity of the principal leaders. A man, suspected of d’avoir assisted on several occasions with gatherings of this sect currently undergoes a tight interrogation.

      Meanwhile, of many indices collected by the investigators on the spot of the drama tend towards the thesis of the sect. In particular the discovery, in the residence of Mawooa with St-Paul, d’une letter of Maya Jhowry, l’une of the victims, addressed to Crithika Mawooa. June, the correspondence evokes ḻadmiration and the total devotion of Maya to its “guru”.

      Many testimonys collected show moreover that Crithika evoked “ unceasingly; the spirituality and the philosophy of the vie” with members of his family. “ She frequently lost herself in interminable debates on the various religions but devoted herself to her clean interprétations”, affirm Vinod Mawooa, cousin of Crithika. It adds that the latter s’exprimait in manner “inhabituelle” and that “l’influence of which it made l’objet saw anything qu’à the way in which it s’exprimait”.

      In a letter of fourteen pages found beside its corpse, Crithika makes share of its disillusions and its extreme distress compared to its life. It mentions the names d’une ten people who would have refused to grant l’aide to him. Among the latter, breakers who would have refused to lend to him l’argent.

      According to an assumption of the investigators, the “maître of cérémonie” in the other victims qu’il was necessary ingurgiter for them l’eau would have made believe to purify their body and their heart in order to find peace and happiness. But, at the end of the ritual, the death which awaited them. Because their glasses d’eau contained a certain cyanide amount, sufficient to cause a quasi instantaneous death. The master of ceremonies would have then given himself death as it l’avait programmed with l’avance.

      Ḻautopsy, practised on Saturday, revealed that the corpse of Crithika Mawooa was in a less advanced state of decomposition than those of the other victims. What thus lets think that the latter would have died in the last.

      Police L’enquête is carried out by Criminal Investigation Division of Phoenix, directed by the superintendent of police force, Anand Ramchandar. The Major Crime Investigation TEAM (MCIT) with at its head, the superintendent of police force, Clifford Parsad s’est also joined to the investigations.

      The police force also informed the families of the victims qu’elle objects to ḻinhumation of the bodies. Reason: a new element could emerge during l’enquête. “Nous will have to thus bury Rajesh as soon as we are authorized to recover his corps”, explain Jayprakash Dhayam, brother of the victim.

      The national Corporation of transport (CNT) has on its side consigned in the course of the day d’hier a deposition to the police force. It would like to recover a vehicle of the Toyota mark belonging to its former assistant general manager, Rajesh Dhayam. This last s’était joint with the CNT last October before d’être employed like Administrative attending Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI).

      It had been laid off last March following unfavourable reports/ratios on its timetable. Executives of this organization had emitted criticisms concerning its competences and on l’absence of guarantee for a bank loan of more than Rs 350 000.

      The loan was used for l’achat d’une car of color metallized gray. The CNT entered an action in supreme Court to claim an order of seizure of the vehicle which remains for l’instant untraceable.



      Herve January, the 10th cadaver

      ■ It was reported missing since November 20, 2002. And Herve January, 49 years, was finally identified yesterday as being the tenth corpse found Friday d’une of the two rooms located at the ground floor in a house with Béchard Lane, St-Paul.

      The victim resided at Flats Bhunjun, Four-Terminals. It was known in the medium of the brokers of the surroundings of the building Emmanuel Anquetil in Port-Louis. Its name was quoted within the framework of l’enquête of l’ Anti-Drug and Smuggling Links (ADSU) in l’affaire Vinay Deelchand.

      The day of its disappearance, it would have been in possession of several documents and diskettes concerning the sale of the grounds. Herve January was in addition sought by the Exchange Criminal Investigation Department for a business of trick card ḏidentity.



      Eckankar, classified sect “dangereuse” in France

      ■ Eckankar whose seat is located in Minnesota, in the United States, has some 50 000 followers divided in 100 countries of which Maurice. Ex-disciples tell on Internet sites that those which tried s’éloigner “du maître” lost their spiritual statute and must start again to them “journée” in the plants, the animals or mineral drinks such as l’eau, a purifying agent. Fear is such at certain people who believe to have betrayed to them “maître” suffer d’une form from depression which pushes them with the suicide. The depression can last of the years and for s’en to leave many these ex-followers had recourse to psychologists.

      As in Buddhism and ḻhindouism, the karma is a key factor for l’adepte d’Eckankar. According to detractors', the sect in the United States would have ritual rather close those to l’église of Scientology, so classified sect “dangereuse” in France.

      L’argent feeding the case of the Eckankar sect comes from the sales from cassettes, vidéos, books of meditations, inter alia.

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      > It isn't so harmless anymore, I guess.
      > http://www.lexpress.mu/display_search_result.php?news_id=25204
      > Guess these folks just didn't "get it".

      I don't get it either. Only because I can't read French. I also see
      that there's another article from this site posted at Ex-Eckankar.
      Since I don't have a translator program, can you give me the gist of
      the articles. I'd like to know what the French have to say about the

      Linda B

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