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  • brupheus
    Aug 1, 2004
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      Hi Garland!

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "garland_peck"
      <garland_peck@y...> wrote:
      > Would any of you accept the position of " NEXT " living Eck Master
      > if you were advised that you had been thus appointed. Or the
      > of any other religion group, including Ford's

      Not "any other", but I'd saddle up eckankar in a heartbeat. Of
      course (LMAO) who would appoint someone to that (an inner voice?,
      Harry?) As far as Ford's thing - who'd want to be the leader of a
      religion who's premise is "We are a religion because we left that
      religion and that religion isn't a religion really but we are and we
      aren't because it's just a path"??? <grin>

      First thing I'd do as the next LEM (if you want to vote for me) is
      release all the emotional prisoners. Once they were released, I'd
      hit the road with the eck-show not unlike the Darwin days. I'd
      probably invite Darwin back, give everyone a bonus initiation just
      for sticking through the Dark Night of Harry.

      I'd punish eckists for being repressive, oppressive and fear-
      mongering by making them read 10 of Harry's books in a row, doing a
      book report on each then making them watch me shred the books and
      the book reports without reading them.

      I'd turn eckankar into a for profit ogranization and start partying
      (seminaring) in every decent sized city in the US (for profit).

      I'd give eckists initiation points for keeping their sense of humor,
      never taking any of their "selves" too seriously and improving the
      life of at least one other person in a demonstratable way.

      I'd turn one of the temples (maybe) into my house and encourage each
      eckist to love and live as regally as I do. Scratch that - I'd have
      one of the temples moved to a beach in South Texas then I'd live in

      With some of the profit, I would start developing schools for eck
      children (genius farms). Give the next generation a chance to
      function in the real world with some real tools.

      I would deconstruct the christian ideas of marriage and encourage my
      flock to develop relationships with themeselves and each other
      without the relationship becoming about ownership or control or the
      power over another. I might even outlaw marriage.

      I would require arahatas to demonstrate that being in any given
      religion doesn't make you "special". That most people have religion
      as a common ground even if their respective religions are
      different. I would further include that what does make
      you "special" is that you are awake, functioning, healing,
      contributing and enjoying your life and perhaps the lives of others.

      I'd start Dark Night Recovery programs for eckists and x-eckists
      who's lives were trampled upon by fundamentalist-eckankar.

      I'd inspire Michael Moore to make a movie about modern day eckankar.

      And I'd start a mastership program whereby eckists and non-eckists
      can become masters by truly realizing that religion cannot contain
      or describe or understand or sell god. And that being an eckist
      really is just another choice, not a requirement or ONLY WAY type

      Just in case that's TMI ;) Sorry.

      Sri Skardicus (if you vote for me in 2004)
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