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4066Sound Like Anybody We Know?

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  • samorez@aol.com
    Dec 2, 2003
      Subject: Sound like anybody you know?
      From: samorez@... (Samo)
      Date: 12/1/2003 7:27 PM Pacific Standard Time
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      Critical examination of the lives and beliefs of gurus demonstrates
      that our psychiatric labels and our conceptions of what is or is not
      mental illness are woefully inadequate. How, for example, does one
      distinguish an unorthodox or bizarre faith from delusion?

      Gurus are isolated people, dependent upon their disciples, with no
      possiblity of being disciplined by a Church or criticized by
      contemporaries. They are above the law. The guru usurps the place of
      God. Whether Gurus have suffered from manic-depressive illness,
      schizophrenia, or any other form of recognized, diagnosable mental
      illness is interesting but ultimately unimportant. What distinguishes
      gurus and masters from more orthodox teachers is not their
      manic-depressive mood swings, not their thought disorders, not their
      delusional beliefs, not their hallucinatory visions, not their
      mystical states of ecstasy: it is their narcissism.

      Anthony Storr, 'Feet of Clay'

      Narcissism: A psychological condition characterized by
      self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in

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