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  • EckOrange@hotmail.com
    Jan 16, 2001
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      Hey All,
      Thanks for the all the info. I have been following the spiritual
      path of Eckankar for 5 years now. Or I should say "some" of the path.
      When Eckankar and myself crossed paths in Jan. 1996, I was in
      spiritual limbo, searching and longing for something to move me,
      guide me, take me to new spiritual highs. Eckankar did this to me. It
      set me free from the bonds of Christianity and other limiting
      spiritual paths. I plunged head first into Eckankar, particularly
      studying spiritual techniques of soul travel, advancing quickly in
      this section. Within 5 months, I was having out of body experiences
      and my whole attitude and way I viewed life had changed for the good.
      But...as I studied Eckankar further, there were things about the
      religion and spiritual teachings that I did not totally agree with. I
      was initially uncomfortable with the Living Eck Master concept and
      some of the some of the writings in the scriptures. So, I accepted
      what I could of Eckankar and disregarded the rest. I never did become
      a member and do the discourses, and am not sure if I will. I have
      attended some Eck discussions and Hu services, which I have found
      uplifting at times. But I never really fully explored all the
      teachings and read all of the books on Eckankar, especially Paul T.
      since his writing tends to make my eyes glaze over. Lately, I have
      been comming across alot of neg information about Eckankar. I am glad
      to see all opinions and aspects of Eckankar, the truths and lies,
      good and bad. I no longer feel so awkward about my own doubts or
      questions I had about Eck and it's teachings. I realize now that
      there is nothing wrong with accepting only parts of spiritual
      teaching that you are comfortable with and dismissing that which you
      do not agree or accept. I also realize realize now that Eckankar is
      not the center of the Universe. This does not mean I will dismiss Eck
      all together. I use some of the Eck spiritual exercises along with
      other (non-Eck) spiritual paths and teachings. I feel I am always
      evolving spiritually and will experience many different spiritual
      experiences and teachings before I leave this life (just to come back
      and do it all over again next time around!) :-)
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