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  • tung_fu@juno.com
    Oct 2, 2000
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      This is my first post on this site. I've read some of the posts up.
      I'll try to decribe the following things quickly:

      1)When I joined Eckankar
      2)Why I joined Eckakar
      3)When I quit Eckankar the first time
      4)Why I re-joined Eckankar
      5)When I quit Eckankar the second time
      6)When I re-joined Eckankar the third time
      7)Why I was kicked out of Eckankar with a letter

      1)Early 1994 I joined Eckankar.

      2) I wanted off the planet and Eckankar offered a way off.

      3)November 1994 I quit Eckankar. I suffered a psychotic break and
      Post Trametic Stress Syndromye. Two years of psyce-meds followed.
      I fought in Desert Storm in 1990-1991 so I don't believe Eckankar was
      responsible for this, War hurts for real that's just reality.
      Regardless of why I was trippin hard-core and had read forty plus Eck
      books and discourses by then.

      4)I have no idea why I joined again. That was 1995.

      5)1996 I had a vision of a Red Rose and a Gold Cross, right after I
      ran into a guy who tutured me in Golden Dawn. No fees or anything,
      he was just a friend who taught Golden Dawn out of previouslly
      published Textbooks. So I quit Eckankar, standard western cerimonial
      magick seemed more healing.

      6)In 1998 I re-joined Eckankar again. I had completed the Golden
      Dawn course and there were no more initiations left. Adeptus Minor
      is it, it's the seventh one.

      7)A lady wrote from the Eck office and told me that I couldn't be in
      Eckankar until my life was in spiritual balance. I thought it was
      strange because a spiritual teaching should balance my life.

      Anyway I just do my routine Golden Dawn stuff and don't really worry
      about it too much.

      I want to make it clear that the guy who taught me the Golden Dawn
      stuff learned in a group that charged money which he left. We kind
      of helped each other out of each one of our cults respectfully. My
      style spirituality is cross-referenced at Border's Bookstore. That's
      where the materials I use come from. I don't pay any spiritual
      groups money and The Golden Dawn officially disbanded in 1903. Dead
      Authors are my favorite.

      I have gone back and read some of what I wrote when I first left
      Eckankar and was thouroughly embarresed. All you have to do to leave
      Eckankar (or any place like Eckankar) is to listen to your own words
      and read what you write.

      I'll post to this site in the future. Go ahead and e-mail me. I
      don't want to steer someone in any direction. Eckankar might be a
      safer place than a lot I know about. It would be a shame to jump out
      of the frying pan right into the fire.
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