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2726Re: Return to the watch

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  • Sharon
    Apr 2, 2003
      Hi "Harvey" and everyone else....

      Well, I returned from a wonderful "vacation", and as always, eckanshit
      seems so far away from "real" life...."Harvey", this bullshit *will*
      pass....but right now I and other former members know what you're
      going through., dealing with with things like this. It * will* pass

      and you'll come out of it perfectly okay...and believe me, it's good.
      Really good!!!

      Anyway, yes, I've been on "vacation" again...very nice, lots of fun,
      life is woderful when you're away from all this eckanbullshit...and I
      am thankful that I'm no longer a brainwashed cultuppy!!!! It's been
      awhile for me - I got out in 1998, and maybe fighting back against the
      eckthugs helped the process of "deprogramming" so maybe others have a
      bit more to deal with than I did...but just hang in there, anything
      "weird" will pass. It just takes time.

      I've been "on vacation" again, and it's been wonderful, although
      catching a 21" carp is just about exciting as catching an old shoe
      <gggg>, it was mildly exciting...

      At least it was "real", and although I know quite well how the cult
      seems real, and things seem real when you first get out well...Harvey,
      you'll get to the point when you realize how absolutely totally silly
      & insigificant the cult, and anything connected with it, really is.

      Gawd, I am *SO* totally bored with eckanshit!!!!!!!

      Don't have much else to say right now, other than...


      Love & Hugs,


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "harveydodds" <harveydodds@y...>

      > The little blue watch that had disappeared mysteriously

      > when I left eckankar and that I had worried might have

      > something to do with the blue light of Sugmad has been

      > found safe and sound under the bed where I seldom clean.


      > Still tickin with the dust bunnies.


      > Whats that line in Superstition " if you believe in things

      > you can't understand then you're suffering Superstition aient

      > the way


      > Below from lyrics.com are Stevie wonder lyrics scroll down for

      > superstition www.lyrics.com is a great place to finally see

      > the lyrics you never could hear properly.


      > http://www.alwaysontherun.net/stevie2.htm



      > Well I can see that its time to go
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