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  • Gloria Jean
    Mar 22, 2003
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      Yes they were probably glad to get rid of you (the older
      wizer eckists) who might know what was going on and
      might present a danger to the new order. I can understand

      The reason for my question was that I really have no fear
      of any fanatic eckist even if their attempt would be to sue
      or harrass me, which I don't think would happen, as I am
      no real threat to them. They are the least of my problems.

      Not that I have problems.

      As freedom is all in the mind, yes I guess we can
      declare that we are free persons. (If you want to be
      free in the future getting out of debt is a good idea,
      if at all possible.)

      When I talk about what is going on in this country
      I am not simply being (or quoting) a conspiracy
      thereorist or reading one or two authors. I am an
      investigator, and I am learning the truth of a lot things
      from a lot of sources.

      When I speak of these things to people they
      do not want to hear them, for it may upset
      their current lives. (One has every right to place
      their attention where they want.)

      About Fear:
      I don't know if I am afraid or not. ( I don't feal afraid.)
      I do know that many years ago I made a choice of
      what I wanted in this life time and that choice was

      Paul's Eckankar was a great benefit to me and I
      still have many of his original books. At that time
      Eckankar was a what I needed, as I learned
      to open my mind to the many possibilities in this
      Universe. Paul himself said that Eckankar would
      become dogma like most other religions. I vowed
      that when I saw that happening, I would leave the

      There was one thing that happened to me that I
      still puzzel about. One day I was sleeping on my
      coutch and as I was waking up, I saw two men
      standing in my living room. They were talking to
      each other..( about me?). Their faces were not clear
      and they appeared a little transparent, like ghosts.
      I felt no fear, but I felt that I knew who they were.
      They were Paul and Darwin. When they noticed
      that I saw them, they vanished.

      I still wonder if it was the remnants of a dream, or
      if they were really there. I wonder what they were
      talking about. But most of the time I don't think about

      Thank you for your response

      Imagination rules the world
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      From: eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, March 21, 2003 11:06:26 PM
      To: eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [eckankartruth] (unknown)

      Personally, I was not hounded by eckankar when I left. I think that they
      were kinda relieved to get rid of me. I asked them not to contact me and
      they haven't. When I left 5 years or so ago, I was a 6th initiate and was
      fairly busy in the outer organization.

      I have heard about unfortunate incidents where some ex-eckies have posted
      stuff here or on A.R.E and then have had calls made to their families or
      their workplaces. Some threats have been made and perhaps a threatened
      lawsuit or several...I'm sure those folks will talk to you about it.

      As a free person, we need not fear this type of assualt nor inner assualts..
      ...the trick is to get to a place inside, of freedom. Leave the games of
      children behind.

      You might post your questions at Alt.Religion.Eckankar. There are some very
      verbal folks there.

      Another personal note. While I was in eckankar, I was surrounded by
      conspiracy theorists and have really had enough of them to last a lifetime..
      .whether its black magicians, aliens from Andromeda, fanatic Christians or
      whatever...I simply don't fear them and do not allow them effect my life.

      As to your fears about America and the "shadow government", I don't know,
      and until I have more solid proof than the ramblings of this author or that
      author, I will simply not fear that either.

      I am living my life from a new state of freedom.

      Freedom from fear, government, conspiracy, religion etc.etc.....And, I am a
      bit of a rarity I guess, in that I pay almost double the tax's a "normal"
      employed person would as I am self employed and own my own firm....yet I
      think I have a pretty good deal even with the tax burdens I face each year..
      .I have been to several other nations and I believe the United States offers
      me a degree of personal freedom, and quality of life that I have not yet
      found elsewhere.

      I am against the current war. I think we could have done the job on Saddam
      with assissans and hit squads (Use the Arab approach of warfare against
      these particular Arabs) and saved a lot of tax dollars, lives, cities and
      infrastructure, but now that we are in it and in it for real, I support our
      troops and wish them a speedy victory.

      I hope you can find the peace within and put the ghosts to rest. That is,
      if you have ghosts to deal with.

      Paul (Sworddancer)

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      From: Gloria
      To: eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: March 21, 2003 9:51 PM
      Subject: [eckankartruth] (unknown)

      I have been reading some of the posts and some of Darwin's side of it
      story, and I can't help comparing the whole "take-over" thing with
      what seems to be going on within our own government.

      I was in and out of Eckankar, and it was one of the "out" times that
      Darwin was kicked out. When I re-activated my membership and Darwin
      was no where to be found I wanted answers. I wanted the truth. I
      wanted to here from Darwin. I felt a little helpless because I knew
      I was not going to get the truth from any of the members. There was
      no where to get the truth. No official or unofficial place to go.

      Thanks to the Internet, Information is available... still. Thanks to
      clubs like this. I have sufficiently healed from my Eckankar
      experience and have been for years, so I did not feel the need to
      seek out groups like this. But when I learned of it, I came here to
      find some of the answers that were not available to me years ago.

      So far in this club I have only read bits and peices, and I would
      like to know if there is a story that is an overview or summarizes
      exactly what happened within Eckankar. You know, a quick and dirty

      I want to also tell people how concerned I am about the uninformed
      American public when it comes to what is happening within our
      government, how people are being spied upon, and silenced for the
      same reasons. These two situtions just seem similar to me.

      The shadow government running this country is much like a cult. The
      top leaders are all high ranking freemasons of the 33erd degree,
      practicing Black Magic. (Skull and bones etc.) The media is owned
      and controled by about six corporations. The house of Bush is moving
      to create a total police state in this country.

      Beware AOL. If you are using AOL find something else! They are
      owned by the very Powers that want to control the media and spy on
      everyone. Shop somewhere besides Walmart. Walmart uses products
      from China where they are made by slave labor.

      Anyway I have ranted enough for now. OH! One more thing. About those
      so worried about being identified by fanatic eckists and attacked..
      what can they do? What kind of attacking or harm can they do besides
      send you a nasty email? What have they done to others? I would be
      interested to know.

      Love Gloria

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