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2335Re: Eckist returns

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  • lemrag3 <lemrag3@hotmail.com>
    Dec 21, 2002
      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com,
      "Sharon <brighttigress@y...>" <
      brighttigress@y...> wrote:

      > And I'm wondering about this little excerpt from the 2002 WW:
      > "Beginning
      > next year at Washington, D.C., ECKANKAR will combine the traditional
      > spring and summer seminars into just one gathering called, "The ECK
      > Spiritual Skills Seminar," (ESSS).

      <SNIP all the eCrap seminar cancellation

      An interesting post, Sharon. And what a
      deal these eckist people get!!!! Wow, they
      get to see their MASTER on tv via satellite. I
      mean, does life get any better than this?
      The only thing more wonderful than seeing
      hairy klump on tv would
      be.....uh.....uhm......watching grass grow.

      Cancelling all those fun sex-in-the-sun
      seminars is going to break a lot of eckie
      hearts, though. Without their fix, they'll be
      climbing the walls.

      > This is cultic recruiting, plain and simple, and today's version of
      Twitch's >Wisdom Note, in the "files" section here, where he makes it
      quite clear >that god-realization is achieved by recruiting new

      Isn't it odd how only members have
      difficulty in seeing the extent of the
      recruitment energies? Christ, any class of
      1st graders would see in a minute what this

      > Oh...I'll have to check it out if I had time, but someone told me
      there's been interesting stuff posted at Bill Flavell's Yahoo Groups
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The1983EckankarSplit and /Ancient
      TeachingsOfTheMasters) regarding the cabal of businessmen, led by
      Skelsky, who are currently running the cult and laughing all the way
      to the bank.

      Flavell's a darwin asskisser. He's got a
      ways to go, yet, before he
      can reclaim his brain from the cult.

      > Remember, Twitch sort of wanted to get out of it - I forget the
      exact >details, but evidently he'd given himself a time limit as LEM,
      and when >this date came, he extended it a bit - which upset some
      members at the time, and many left.

      He had to have known that his vast
      plagiarism would be found out by the
      general public and/or media. I'm sure he
      had plans to suddenly sort of disappear,
      dragging as many suitcases full of loot as he
      could. It's why, I suspect, it's written in the
      ick teachings that eCrap has had to go
      underground at various times in history - To
      avoid the angry posse of people who have
      been fleeced.

      > If you read a lot of what he's written, for example the
      transcriptions of tapes in "Difficulties of Becoming the Living Eck
      Master", and take off the "master" blinders, he reveals himself for
      the arrogant, jealous, vindictive little money-grubber he really was.

      True to this. It was a crudely written book
      and hastily withdrawn from publication once
      klump and his shysters saw just how
      revealing it was.

      > Twitch was a master con artist. Of course, Gail was probably more
      of an influence on Darwin! <ggg> Klemp is a joke.

      *grin*.....wonderful how you can sum up
      the entirety of eCrap in three short

      > Oh, shit - when's winter solstice? I keep missing opportunities to
      do >nekkid pagan rituals!

      Can I be your agent? We can try to sell
      this event to HBO or Showtime. There's
      gotta be some money to be made here

      > Thanks for posting, Charlie! Gawd, this is all so boring, isn't
      it? <ggg>

      Tis true. I'd rather be chewing on an old

      > Ho Ho Hugs!!
      > Sharon

      Heh heh heh :-)

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