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  • Sharon <brighttigress@yahoo.com>
    Dec 19, 2002
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      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, "violinmike2002 <violinmike2002@y...>" <violinmike2002@y...> wrote:
      > For me Paul Twitchell was like a carpenter- No one believed it
      > but he built a piece of furniture that cobbled together as it may be
      > has stood and served millions for over 35 years. Having never met
      > Paul Twitchell I can only assume that you have or have chosen to
      > believe all the second hand information about him. No one ever
      > offered to teach me spiritual secrets of mastership before I dont
      > feel qualified to judge the benefits of intitiations, I am results
      > oriented I try and judge results for myself. I never would have
      > joined any other eastern group other than Transcendental Meditation--
      > do that too much and you'll be pretty much useless but mellow I don't
      > give my support to lies deceit and manipulation to me I am
      > responsible for what I do including being open minded enough(maybe
      > just barely)to consider alternate opinions. Eckankar is wrong for you
      > but you've even grown from your negative association with it. I saw
      > hundreds of your posts and nobody spoke in a voice like mine cult
      > swamped as you may think it is .
      > I have a better angle on dreams I usually dismissed as
      > mutterings of the subconscious. I still think some of them are but
      > some of them are much more
      > Cult smult when and if I get to that day or point I'll deal with
      > it like everything else I have. Some book somewhere we have says were
      > no better than anyone else. Sadly many do puff themselves up I do
      > believe in inner experiences of the sound and light and want to
      > continue in them .
      > Alf is your leader. I enjoyed that. I liked that show. I
      > believe it was cancelled many years ago. No doubt theres a network
      > somewhere running it. That was funny. You have pointed out one of my
      > flaws however I don't get out much. I don't even have a car the bus
      > has to get me places. Thank god for the internet the bastion of truth
      > Yahoo and the Aol way! I thought we had millions of members but how
      > would I know as I said I dont get out much.
      > Are my parents supporting a Catholic church that is rife with
      > abuse of alterboys as well as male dominant worship,empire vatican
      > building and world overpopulation when they toddle off to Christmas
      > eve mass?I have some opinions but its really not my place to say. I
      > can say I am a guest in your house I believe an honest one without
      > malice. But Alf was a master of the smart retort.
      > Are or were Darwin Gross Paul Twitchell and Harold Klemp the
      > masters of nothing? Can't say I've really met any of them. If Mr
      > Gross couldnt move forward and front a sucessful new group then the
      > plane he spent the most time on was the Fragile Plane.
      > I would be interested in what Kramer or other top people have to
      > say . Perhaps what Lane and others write had created an over reaction
      > at the top levels. Be assured the membership will drink no spiked
      > koolaid. Around here yes we got the leave Eckankar in your will
      > mailing I believe once a year we are asked for these solications for
      > temple building etc. You can even get a boy scout badge in Eckankar.
      > I am not coerced to support things. Earth has a whole lot of
      > religions spiritual groups that want money. The salvation army has
      > set up a kettle in our neighborhood state run liquor store. Motto the
      > immortal words of Bto taking care of business EVeryday!
      > Scientology now thats a scary organization. Wouldnt go near it
      > with a ten foot pole. Millionare actors like Tom Cruise and that guy
      > in Battlefield Earth, whatshisname. Must make note not to go to
      > movies with them in em might be supporting Scientology.
      > I never told myself I was chosen or special.I realize youre not
      > really talking to me but playing to the gallery here. Do you really
      > think all my experiences were fantasy and self delusion? How harsh.
      > How sad.No path apparently teaches how to be kind. Loved Yogadanadana
      > joke posting have printed it out. Laugh every time I read it.
      > Said I wasn't a fanatic. Ask what you can do for the cult how
      > many religions want you to carry the cross, or jihad etc. Just say no
      > way Jose. No doubt someone else wants to have a wack at me but I
      > asked for it.Eckankar is in your past now and that is as should be
      > for you and your many posters. Your reflections on allowing my posts
      > are commendable. You dont just talk but walk your walk moderator. I
      > am a guest in your house, a vocal one but not one who will burn the
      > house down or soil the linen. Happy winter soltise like holiday..

      Well, experiment is over as far as I'm concerned!! There's no reason to have current members posting here, it's quite clear. If anyone feels like discussing this, though, feel free. I'd also like to add - because I think this paragraph expresses something we're all familiar with, although I know Mike just doesn't see it - this is from a private post he sent me after I let him post the first one:

      "Okay you posted it. Congratulations I think you made a great leap there. If you set groundrules to allow no propaganda supporting Eckankar, some sign of open mindedness and no attacks on ex members and also keep your own forum from insulting or trying to nail my ass to the wall things wont end up like on your other site. You wouldn't be very different from what some allege about eckankar if you won't allow an exchange of ideas. New blood is good It will make the whole environment better and make some people think again.Favorite spiritual exercise - Lie on couch do Hu till i fall asleep wake up 30 minutes later -seems to work for me "

      I'm just shaking my head here, and being glad I woke up and got out.

      However, if anyone else feels like responding to Mike, please feel free! There are some points I know some of you "old-timers" could handle quite well if you're so inclined.

      Ho Ho Hugs,


      PS - Mike, this ends it. Don't take this personally - but unless I get a response from the membership saying they'd like more of this stuff here, well...this forum is for former members only once again.
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