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2319I don't see anything harmful here

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  • violinmike2002 <violinmike2002@yahoo.com>
    Dec 12, 2002
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      (Note from Sharon: I know it was previously discussed here & the consensus was *not* to have posts from current members here, but how can people learn without being able to ask questions in a mutually respectful atmosphere? It helped me to wake up back on a.r.e., although the eckists certainly didn't create a nice atmosphere there. Gawd, running a forum can be a nuisance! <gg> Anyway, I'm sure many former members have some good answers & comments for Mike. )

      If you dont go nuts over it I don't see anything harmful in
      Eckankar. Some local groups have wingnut HI's so stay away from the
      centers if you don't like them . Maybe like the cowardly lion I found
      my courage using the tools they taught me. I never accept anything
      blindly and never did. Dream study is an ancient tradition useful as
      spiritual study. I've read many coercive cults and this isnt one to
      me. Human beings argue and sue each other and Eckists are still human
      beings. Harold accounts for his actions re Darwin Gross in Soul
      travels of the far country. If Darwin Gross was such a great leader
      his own ATOM group would have turned into a major force. I dont send
      all my money to Minnesota and several years didn't meet the donation
      level for membership and they still kept me. Paul Twitchell was a
      lovable rogue who plagerized perhaps but suggests you too can be a
      master and visit invisible realms. Being in Eckankar helped me
      weather loneliness, bankrupcy, a crappy telemarketing job for three
      years,an operation that was frightening and enhanced my creativity.
      Golden tongue wisdom is practiced by shamans and many other
      spiritually aware beings. The bottom line is am I getting something
      of value here that is compatable with my goals as a spiritual person.
      Inner experiences just seem like a dream if you only stay in this
      world. In short for me,for the last seven years its been positive . I
      make up my own mind no one directs me or coerces me.I suppose if
      youre a zealot its harmful but I think at least is benign and not
      dangerous. I will monitor this site for useful imformation. Whether
      Harold and Bin Laden are connected is not useful information. Baraka
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