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  • Sharon
    Nov 2, 2002
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      From: Jan Groenveld [mailto:jan.g@...]
      Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 5:05 AM
      To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
      Subject: Counting the Cost of CAIC

      As you are probably all aware my mother, Jan Groenveld passed
      away last week
      at 3.15am, October 22nd at the tender age of 57 and was finally
      laid to rest
      yesterday morning at a very touching service attended by many of
      her closest
      friends, Family and "extended" family. The auditorium was
      filled to
      capacity and overflowing and I was honored that my mother was
      thought of so
      deeply by so many and that she had such an impact on so many

      This will be the final email sent using Jan's email address as
      the Internet
      account will be deactivated within the next 7 days.

      I am writing to you all for two reasons, the first is a heart
      felt plea to
      all her supporters - those people out there in cyberspace who
      were blessed
      by her work and who utilised the many services of the Cult
      Awareness &
      Information Center web site and the Freedom In Christ

      To provide such a unique and vital service on such a grand scale
      was not
      cheap and unfortunately following Mums passing I am only now
      uncovering the
      extent of the many outstanding bills and accounts that her
      ministry has
      incurred in providing this essential service - the suppliers of
      which are
      now asking for immediate payment - a burden that my father and
      myself simply
      cannot afford at this point in time.

      So it is with much trepidation and shear blind faith that I am
      appealing to
      each and every one of you to please find it in your hearts to
      dig a little
      deeper just once more in honor of a truly wonderful servant of
      the Lord and
      allow us the dignity of settling the ministry accounts promptly
      efficiently so that the good work performed by Jan does not get
      with the legacy of unpaid bills and outstanding debts.

      It is preferable that donations be made by using the PAYPAL link
      on the
      website http://www.caicusa.org

      Or by post to:
      The CAIC Final Appeal
      PO Box 2444
      Mansfield QLD 4122

      (Cheques & Money Orders to be made payable to Freedom In

      Additionally -
      My main task this week (apart from organising the funeral and
      farewelling my
      mother) was to ensure that her ministry will live on to help
      others and
      attempting to coordinate the many people necessary to assume the
      functions she performed - if this is at all possible. As these
      step forward I shall arrange for their details to be posted to
      the CAIC Web
      Site accordingly. In the meantime, the other contact sites
      around the world
      will need to share the load. Please check the CAIC site for
      other links &

      The CAIC website is currently hosted by the QLD University and
      the costs for
      this have been staggering to say the least. Mum started to
      organise for the
      transfer of her site and I have continued with this task amongst
      others over
      the past 7 days. I am happy to announce that the CAIC site will
      now be
      hosted in the USA by Mr Patrick Roberge under the USA domain

      Patrick can be contacted on pjroberge@... or phone

      So as you can see, I have been and still am working frantically
      to ensure
      that Mums work does not die along with her.

      I thank you all in advance for your support and generosity at
      this critical

      Yours in Christ

      Jacob Groenveld
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