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2144Re: "Happiness" in Eckankar, But at What Price?

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  • brighttigress
    Jun 2, 2002
      --- In eckankartruth@y..., Randy Cable <doodah952000@y...> wrote:
      > Helen's post reads "ecky" to me.

      Well, Randy, it's not unusual for people to leave the cult & still hold some of the same beliefs, and to use eckspeak to communicate them.

      I read Helen's post yesterday, had some thoughts & probably tomorrow will respond.

      >It is misleading to
      > write that many eckies do not think that the Mahaunta
      > oops, mahanta is not the greatest state of
      > consciousness.

      I think when we're cult members, we somehow are taught to believe one thing inside, but to say another thing to the public. And this "mahaunta" thing is one of them. The "consciousness" stuff is bleated to the public, but what eckists believe about Harold is different - and Harold even provides plenty of quotes showing this, some of which can be found at eckankarsurvivors - either at http://www.angelfire.com/hi2/eckankarsurvivors/masterlie.html or at one of the links from there. Gotta do a new & more organized website, and one of those "site map" things.

      Being Spirit that assumes the form of
      > the LEMon or other guide for whomever, has always been
      > taught this in the Holey Scriptures of Eckankar.

      I think it's necessary every so often to remind people that the correct spelling is "holy". I misspell it as "holey" to be insulting, because of all the "holes" in it. I've got that darn pesky spelling gene. A lot of people don't know the difference, though. And it's not that important, actually, most of the time.

      Anyway, it's very comforting and "uplifting" to think that if you saw Klemp in a dream that it was "spirichul", isn't it?

      Well...that's just not true. Sure, it's nice to think that this stuff is "holy spirit" but we're just flattering ourselves, and Klemp. It's just as likely to be evil black magicians & witches & warlocks doing that black magic dream invasion stuff Klemp warns people about. Twitch Himself wrote about pesky astral entities who like to play tricks on silly humans.

      "Holy Spirit" doesn't need to take *any* form.

      > has been taught for decades that Mahanta comes as
      > Buddha to Buddhists, Christ to Christians and so on.

      "Being taught for decades" implies some type of "history" and legitimacy. Let me reword this - the Twitchster incorporated this "belief" into his cult's "teachings" back in the 60's.

      The "mahanta" is simply a copyrighted cult-word. The "teachings" imply that the "real mahanta" is Klemp, or whoever holds the big EckDick of Power, and if people see someone other than Klemp, it's because they couldn't handle his masterly power flows & true "form" so they see "lower" people they're sort of "used to".

      I've got a cutesy eckquote somewhere at eckankarsurvivors with Klemp saying something about someone's inner voice not being "him" if it doesn't agree with the Official Cult Party Line.

      > If a person were to teach at a worship service with
      > words that downplay Eckankar's views of the Mahanta,
      > then that person would not be long welcomed. I know
      > this to be a fact because a seeker named, Maria Cuman
      > was asked to leave when she asked the arahata some
      > questions and challenged the answers she was given.
      > The request for her never to return was by way of
      > phone call she recieved at home later that Sunday.

      Not surprising - do you by any chance know the exact questions she asked? When I attended Arahata training, an older gentlemen brought up some items for discussion that seemed pure "eck" to me, and a lively discussion started, but for some reason the HIs doing the class seemed disturbed and got back to the class script. Well, after the class was over, at a Satsang conducted by an HI who wasn't there, she said she was happy that most people had "passed" the course, and she was honest and said one person didnt'. Well, I was surprised and asked who & why, and she said it was this guy, because he was "disruptive" or something, which he wasn't. I was sort of confused & very surprised, but the HI changed the subject.

      I wondered, because at lunch break I'd gone into the lounge for coffee & a cigarette, and he came in and told me it would be a good thing if I didn't let other eckies see me smoking. I was surprised, because although I knew smoking was a "sin" I thought it was between me & the "mahanta", and believe me, I was very bothered by it and worked *so* hard on quitting, without success. I was surprised at his advice because I said, why? I don't make a secret of it, and it's between me & The Big M. The whole thing confused me - he said it would cause problems with me & the Org & other eckies.

      It was sort of like when I used to babysit for a very orthodox Jewish group at a resort which they rented for Passover & the whole place was "blessed" and kosher, etc., and the men weren't supposed to smoke (probably the women weren't either, but they didn't) so on the special holy days they'd go outside in the bushes to smoke, although the grounds had been "blessed" too. I thought it was odd - because certainly God could see them in the bushes with their ciggies!!

      If I were an orthodox Jew, well...I guess I'd be a lousy one because I wouldn't smoke in the bushes. If I'm going to "sin" I don't make a big secret of it, you know? I mean, fer crissakes, God knows & sees *everything*!!!!

      <giggle> God is "omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent".

      That's an eckquote actually - supposedly the LEMons are Triple O's, but especially when I was leaving I got *so* much proof that, as I'd suspected over the years, that wasn't true - because as I was leaving I got conflicting hilarious emails from other eckists with special "messages" from the "mahanta" especially the one from Clergyboy Rich saying he'd gotten one of them thar inner "nudges" from the "mahanta" to tell me I should be teaching Satsang. I had to laugh, because it was *so* obvious that neither Richieboy nor the "mahanta" had the slightest clue about what was going on inside me! And...how could I decide which of those "messages from the mahanta" were "true" because they were all so different! All I could do was laugh!!!!

      Well, tomorrow I will make time to comment on the things I feel I should comment on.

      'Night, all!!!


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