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1929Eckankar is dead RIP

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  • al_radzik
    Apr 2, 2002
      I believe it is safe, by now to assume that the path once known as
      Eckankar has finally succumbed to valid criticism. No longer are
      detractors posting and repeating the same rock solid evidence that
      has finally put an end to one of the biggest religious scams of the
      past three decades.
      Eckankar was doomed the moment it was conceived. It had a life and
      now has finally found its place among the dead religions of the world.
      People like David Lane have slain the dragon. They have overturned
      the beast and choked it with logic and reason. It has suffered
      greatly over the past years with accounts of deceit, mind-control,
      plagiarism, scandal, and moreover lies.
      I for one, find no more energy to even look at this path in a
      humorous way. All the jokes have been told. All the reasons for its
      existence have been properly disposed of. Everything has been done to
      revive and vitalize this poor decrepit religion bt the fundie
      braindead Eckheads, but nothing has worked. It died in its sleep
      yesterday at 10:55 MDT.

      Eckankar Oct. 22, 1970 - April Fool's Day, 2003

      Yesterday, April 1, in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Eckankar has died. It's
      cause of death was still under investigation.
      Eckankar was the son of the late Paul and Gail Twitchell. It is
      survived by Harold Klemp, (his secret identity only known as THE
      MAHANTA), and a few thousand followers.
      In lieu of flowers, Harold Klemp has requested that donations be
      mailed in a plain brown paper envelope to his house:

      Harold Klemp
      213 Wanker Rd.
      Gopal City, MN

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