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  • tarryrob@yahoo.ca
    Apr 3, 2001
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      -Hi Randy!
      Thanks for expanding on your theories. I really liked the computer
      analogy and the wizard concept as vehicles for thinking about
      de/reprogramming. I didn't mind the Freudian spin (id/ego)since I'm a
      fan of Carl Jung (someone else Twitch ripped off especially in Eck
      Ynari). A fella by the name of Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote a book on
      subject called Psychocybernetics back in the late 1950's that did
      some interesting rudimentary research on mind functioning like a
      computer. Worth a look if you're not familiar with him. The rhetoric
      in your posts indicate a lot of varied spiritual interests - do have
      any particular favs since leaving the cult?? Keep up the posts!

      -- In eckankartruth@y..., rc1tn@a... wrote:
      > Thank-you Tarryrob for your compliments. Although I had read
      > material for 11 years and had been a member for only eight of those
      years. I
      > since learned how my subconscious is as a hard drive of a computer
      and my
      > consious mind has the other hardware (R.A.M.) and software for
      running "hard
      > drive applications". I find it interesting that the computer
      programmers use
      > an install/unistall "wizard" for developing a usable computer.
      > Each Soul is in fact a Wizard of divine birthright. Just as the
      knight in
      > shining armour would slay the dragon (id or lower ego) that
      attempts to slay
      > the compassionate attribute (feminine, nurturing yin) of the divine
      Self, so
      > too must each wizard slay the lower ego's influence in hir life.
      But does
      > the computer, keyboardist also in a way symbolize the creative
      process of an
      > individual ?
      > In a way computer scientist have developed computers to function as
      > "artificial mind". The keyboardist uses the applications of certain
      > and files to activate certain programns. But consider if you will
      > "wizard", the wizard is a programn for deleting or installing new
      files of
      > information into folders. As with a computer each of us according
      to our
      > time, usually years of cult indoctrination have many folders in our
      > "harddrive" that have several files within each folder. It is a
      long time
      > consuming process but as you uninstall/delete each file, in time
      you will
      > delete the folder that has contained all those files of the same
      theme but
      > each file is unique due to a changed perception you had each time
      > restudied a certain cult teaching. This process of deleting cult
      > may take years for most, months for others. Prayer may help, simply
      > prayer can also cause a focus of correct intent energy(ies) for the
      > of deleting hardened, deeply ingrained programming. Intent prayer
      can cause
      > an incredible increase in one's willpower for success.
      > I need to scoot. I have a busy day ahead of me.
      > May God bless.
      > Randy
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