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1461Re: Worth the effort!

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  • David D. Rogers
    Dec 1, 2001
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      --- In eckankartruth@y..., "Paul Olson" <broker84@h...> wrote:

      The problem with these chain e-mail petitions is that they drift
      around the Internet... and usually do nothing more than drift around
      the Internet. <g> The difference between them and a "real" petition
      is that the latter will presumably get dropped through somebody's
      mail slot -- to be taken seriously -- after they get a certain number
      of signatures, while chain e-mails don't have a destination. They
      make the senders feel good -- despite the fact that they're not being
      heard, let alone being taken seriously, by anyone with power. They
      also give a really big ego boost to the writer, which may be the real
      reason behind them.

      IMHO, if they're serious, they'll put up a website and gather
      signatures there instead of doing a chain e-mail, which is lazy
      compared to maintaining a campaign and a website. (If anyone does,
      you can be almost certain that it won't be the person(s) who wrote
      the chain letter.) When they put up a website, get a phone number and
      start faxing (as opposed to e-mailing) the media, I might start
      taking notice. If they manage to get volunteers to serve as regional
      spokespeople for them and hold rallies or other activities, I might
      start taking them seriously. If they manage to last a while, I might
      start viewing them as something more than a flash in the pan. As it
      stands, they're doing little more than clogging mailboxes around the
      globe. :/


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