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Re: [echocardiography] Difficulty finding job (with experience)

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  • emeyk
    Hi Dennis, When is the next meeting? Thanks, Emily Sullivan, RCS, RVS 985-791-4157 esullivan222@gmail.com Please excuse any errors. This message was sent from
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 17, 2013
      Hi Dennis,

      When is the next meeting?


      Emily Sullivan, RCS, RVS


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      On Aug 17, 2013, at 10:36 AM, Dennis <echotechdennis@...> wrote:


      Hi Monika
      You should think about going to echo club meetings.  This is where you will get info on who will be hiring.  I am a board member of NYES (New York Echo Society) and we meet once a month in Lenox Hill Hospital or NYU going over new technologies, case studies, and guest speakers.  All the top NY hospital sonographers and Cardiologists meet up there.  Also, there are 2 in NJ.  One in New Brunswick (Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center) and in Elizabeth (Trinitas Hospital)  To get good jobs in the industry, you have to be involved.  Remember, this is not a job but a career.  Google for info or just call their echo departments.  Most are on break for summer but will start up again next month. 
      Good luck
      Dennis Dzugay RDCS
      Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center NYC
      Hackensack University Medical Center NJ

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      That's very unfortunate... I personally learned from a much older tech and I trust her and she knows a lot more. She takes her time like I learned from her... Now it's about speed, getting the patient done fast and not so much accuracy. Many positions are PRN, as needed, per diem.... So....no benefits..... Also, I'm not sure if we are starting to see the new Health Care plan starting to crumble the field..... But I have been getting less and less patients. Sometimes I show up and have 3 patients for the day... After paying tolls (NY), gas, and daycare for 3 kids... I'm negative.... I'm trying to stay optimistic but it's difficult when a lot of fellow techs are having issues as well. Sadly, age is a big issue as well... Younger = cheaper I guess... Best of luck to you..... 

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      On Aug 16, 2013, at 11:25 AM, "Larry" <heartsmart@...> wrote:

      Monika: I've had that same problem but have 20 years experience! In my case, I'm up against that area of discrimination called age. Not supposed to happen but in the real world it's rampant! Good Luck!


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