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ECAC contemplating Final S*x

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  • jtwcornell91
    Since it s the off-season, you may have missed the following USCHO article:
    Message 1 of 1356 , May 4, 2001
      Since it's the off-season, you may have missed
      the following USCHO
      article:<br><br><a href=http://www.uscollegehockey.com/news/2001/05/03_002470.php target=new>http://www.uscollegehockey.com/news/2001/05/03_002470.php</a><br><br>Not content with copying the WCHA's F*n*l F*v* idea,
      it seems that the ECAC is preparing to follow the
      CCHA in letting all twelve teams into the playoffs and
      sending six teams to Lake Placid. The two play-in games
      would be held Friday, two semis Saturday, and the
      finals (no mention of a consolation, so we could
      potentially have fans of four teams going home after a single
      game in Placid) Sunday.<br><br>The league's Athletic
      Directors are going to vote on this proposal (according to
      the article, the coaches all love it, although Morris
      and Gaudet were the only ones quoted in the article)
      at a meeting May 16, so interested fans might want
      to let their school's AD know what they think of
      it.<br><br>It's hard to say whether this plan is stupider overall
      than the current arrangement; after all, the ECACs
      would be converted to a more managable weekend affair,
      and there would presumably be better attendance at
      two play-ins Friday than one Thursday. But just to
      point out the obvious, here are some drawbacks to the
      idea:<br><br>-- The regular season is drastically cheapened by
      letting everyone into the playoffs. Morris said adopting
      this plan would "help the league keep things
      interesting from a competitive standpoint." It's kind of a
      strange definition of competitively interesting that
      includes Brown clinching the playoffs in
      October.<br><br>-- A six-team ECAC tourney means all but the top two
      squads will face the prospect of elimination on the
      first day. Not much of a reward for finishing
      third.<br><br>-- The only places in the standings that will have
      any real meaning are second and sixth. Whether you're
      7th or 12, you still make the playoffs and go on the
      road. As the #12 team you have no chance of avoiding
      the play-ins, and as the #7 you have no realistic
      chance of doing so. (What are the odds four of the other
      five series will result in upsets?) And now that
      Clarkson is no longer invincible at Cheel, seeding becomes
      less of an incentive.<br><br>Anyone else have any
    • nadieleighphoenix
      I warned you, but I guess I feel sorry for you.
      Message 1356 of 1356 , Mar 7, 2002
        I warned you, but I guess I feel sorry for you.

        --- In ecachockeyclub@y..., vandenu5 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > Im sad :(
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