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77[ecaagen] Re: Looking for Tom Simms

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  • David Watts
    Jul 18, 1999
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      I am in receipt of your request for information regarding your father.

      I did not know your father. However, I do know someone who attended the U
      of Md Law School during that time period. His name is John H. Rhines, Esq.
      John can be reached at (410) 685-8813 - the Law Offices of Stancil and

      I hope this will help you.

      samirah2@... wrote:

      > I'm trying to find my father or any of his relatives... My dad's name
      > is Tom (or Thomas) Simms... from the info that i received, he was born
      > on6/16/1939... about 5'11''... back in 1969, he was approx. 174lbs and
      > working in security at the Montgomery Wards on Monroe Street in
      > Baltimore, MD. From the records i have, he has 12 siblings, one killed
      > in an accident, his father was a Supervisor at a machinery company, his
      > mother was a housewife... his paternal grandmother was a full blooded
      > indian. He supposedly worked as an agent for the Baltimore City
      > Narcotics Squad and Graduated from New York University... in 1969, he
      > was a 2nd year student at University of Maryland Law School. I don't
      > know how much of this is true.. i got it from my adoption records... I
      > would appreciate ANY help in this matter... My name is Samirah F.
      > Simms, I'm 30... i was born on 1/23/69... i already found my mother,
      > Jaqueline Mellon and am now trying to finish my search. I would like
      > to find him before the end of the year, if at all possible... anything
      > that can point me to the right direction would be truely appreciated...
      > even if you just THINK you know who he might be.. or even any of his
      > relatives... he was married at the time of my birth, but i don't know
      > what her name is... rumor has it that he also has family in New York.
      > Please help me find my father!
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