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76[ecaagen] Looking for Tom Simms

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  • samirah2@aol.com
    Jul 17, 1999
      I'm trying to find my father or any of his relatives... My dad's name
      is Tom (or Thomas) Simms... from the info that i received, he was born
      on6/16/1939... about 5'11''... back in 1969, he was approx. 174lbs and
      working in security at the Montgomery Wards on Monroe Street in
      Baltimore, MD. From the records i have, he has 12 siblings, one killed
      in an accident, his father was a Supervisor at a machinery company, his
      mother was a housewife... his paternal grandmother was a full blooded
      indian. He supposedly worked as an agent for the Baltimore City
      Narcotics Squad and Graduated from New York University... in 1969, he
      was a 2nd year student at University of Maryland Law School. I don't
      know how much of this is true.. i got it from my adoption records... I
      would appreciate ANY help in this matter... My name is Samirah F.
      Simms, I'm 30... i was born on 1/23/69... i already found my mother,
      Jaqueline Mellon and am now trying to finish my search. I would like
      to find him before the end of the year, if at all possible... anything
      that can point me to the right direction would be truely appreciated...
      even if you just THINK you know who he might be.. or even any of his
      relatives... he was married at the time of my birth, but i don't know
      what her name is... rumor has it that he also has family in New York.
      Please help me find my father!


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