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Southern Review posted - Data show sharp uptick in titles published in 2010

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    For anyone interested, the June 2011 issue of the Southern Review of Books has been posted and may be accessed at Southern_Review
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      For anyone interested, the June 2011 issue of the Southern Review of Books has been posted and may be accessed at Southern_Review <http://anvilpub.net/southern_review_of_books.htm>.

      In our lead story, we highlight new data from Bowker on titles published in 2010. The number of titles is up sharply from 2009, meaning more competition for all publishers.

      Stories in the new issue include:
      1. Data on total books published in 2010 shows competition intensifying
      2. Bedtime book about 2-year-old who won�t go to sleep goes viral
      3. Breaking news: Americans more likely to read in bed than elsewhere
      4. Amazon launches romance imprint; more genre lines to come
      5. Bookselling: Smashwords overwhelmed by self-publishers
      6. Author recognition: Michael Connelly has 42 million books in print
      7. Books to movies: Sony acquires Burpo book about trip to heaven
      8. How bad is it? AAP says eBook sales slide in March
      9. Digital publisher scores instant hit with �Three Cups of Tea� expose
      10. Crash publishing: Enhanced ebook chronicles royal wedding
      11. Publishing revolution: Amazon now selling more ebooks than pbooks
      12. February book sales put ebooks as top-selling category
      13. Simba: �Professional books for libraries dominate U.S. ebook market�
      14. Harris Poll finds Americans opposed to censoring �Huckleberry Finn�
      15. Books in bad taste: James Frey promotes latest work on Oprah!
      16. Levi Johnston gets contract for book about Palins
      17. Self-publishing: Few Smashwords authors make $50K per year
      18. Self-published romance writer boosts quarterly revenue to $116,000
      19. Self-published books by Joe Konrath net $78,000 in six weeks
      20. Marketing books: Only one book for sale in this bookstore
      21. How word of mouth made these books best-sellers
      22. Books about heaven, hell popular on Amazon.com best-seller list
      23. Milestones: Records, prizes and news of note in book publishing
      24. Roth wins Man Booker International prize
      25. 1,200 romance writers attend annual RT Booklovers Convention
      26. News of chicanery, dishonesty and tort-feasing in the book business
      27. HuffPo blogger sues AOL for $105 million on behalf of unpaid posters
      28. Georgia State University sued over e-reserves
      29. �Three Cups of Tea� author Mortenson sued for fraud
      30. SEC probing Amazon over Texas sales tax, IRS seeking $1.5 billion
      31. Chuckles: Finding humor amid the stacks and shelves
      32. News from trade shows, book fairs and book festivals
      33. Major upcoming trade shows, book fairs and book festivals

      Please visit our Web site at www.anvilpub.net for more information on Anvil.

      Noel Griese, Editor, Southern Review of Books, Anvil Brokers/Anvil Publishers, Inc., Atlanta, GA
      www.anvilpub.net, www.anvilpub.com, www.anvilpublishers.com

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