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Re: [eBook-List] how could we have missed such an obvious matter?

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  • Joseph Teller
    ... If you want to change how the world looks at such things, you have to put your own money and effort into it. Don t buy sports tickets at inflated prices,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 1999
      > The idea that people would work without thought of reward is so silly that
      > it can be dismissed. Worse than the silliness is the idea that our
      > artists and scientists should work for free because their work is so
      > rewarding that they don't need pay. Apparently, international finance and
      > basketball are such drudgery that we pay those folks millions while
      > artists and scientists should work second jobs to put food on the table.
      > For years teachers, nurses and librarians were poorly paid because those
      > were women's jobs. And everyone knew that motherhood was the source of
      > women's rewards. They, it was presumed, didn't need $ because they had
      > the satisfactions of service and child rearing.
      > Another thing that annoys me is the implication that if a writer wants
      > money for their writing, they are selling out. That the only rich writers
      > are schlock writers. I sense that even the writers who read this list are
      > buying into this nonsense. If our society were not cockeyed the best
      > artists would be among our richest people and Michael Jordan would be
      > working for the fun of it.

      If you want to change how the world looks at such things, you have to put your
      own money and effort into it. Don't buy sports tickets at inflated prices, don't
      pay extra for sports channels. Don't do business with banks that charge extra
      fees and hidden charges on checking accounts. Don't pay for a 'full service'
      broker when an etrade account will do.

      Be willing to pay extra for things because of artistic merit. Don't pay to see
      Schlock movies (like the new Star Wars : The Marketing film) pay to see
      independent art films instead.

      How many small publishing books have you bought this year in comparison to
      mass market ones? How much have you spent for small press compared to
      mass market in the past year? If you you're buying more mass market and
      spending more for mass market, then you are supporting the wrong folks.
      You're paying the middle men, the publisher, the marketer, the distributor, the
      retail store, with very little to the artist.

      The attitude with writers writing because they are inspired, or feel the need to
      instead of being for the money goes back to the Victorian era where about
      50% of the writers were retired gentlemen and ladies who wrote their
      memoires for the generations to come, to be remembered or respected after
      they died. They wrote also in some cases for the "fun' of it, or because their
      muse demanded it.

      Sometimes I write because my muse demands it, and sometimes I write
      because I'm expected to, and once in a while I write for money. Unless you
      are a big name these days, writing just for the money can be very
      disappointing. For every Stephen King there are at least 10,000 unpublished
      authors and another 1,000 who are making less from their writing then they
      would if they put the same amount of time in at a minimum wage job.

      If you don't write for your muse, and you aren't a technical writer or a
      journalist, you should consider another field. Writing can be very
      disappointing financially to one who does not have the passion pressing them


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