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  • maythewind
    Announcing Amber Quill Press, LLC Amber Quill Press, LLC has been created to provide a unique experience for book lovers. Whether it be fantasy, romance or
    Message 1 of 31 , Aug 3, 2002
      Announcing Amber Quill Press, LLC

      Amber Quill Press, LLC has been created to provide a unique
      experience for book lovers. Whether it be fantasy, romance or
      suspense, our releases, all featuring solid and powerful characters,
      intriguing and gripping plots, and energetic and top-quality prose,
      are sure to satisfy readers who have grown jaded with the formulaic
      books of the recent past.

      Amber Quill Press, LLC is an aggregate of several best-selling and
      award-winning authors plus an experienced team of editors, marketers,
      and cover artists, with a combined experience of nearly 100 years in
      the publishing industry. This depth of knowledge gives Amber Quill
      Press, LLC the ability to recognize and select only the finest
      manuscripts and present them to a hungry readership worldwide.

      Our launch books will be made available in October 2002 in both
      electronic and paperback formats, and will include releases from
      popular and celebrated authors such as Charlotte Boyett-Compo,
      Barbara Clark, Patricia A. Rasey, and Catherine Snodgrass.

      In subsequent months, Amber Quill Press, LLC will release more books
      from these and other best-selling authors in just about every genre
      and cross-genre imaginable, including heart-pounding romances,
      sweeping historicals, enchanting fantasies, and hair-raising

      Currently, submissions to Amber Quill Press, LLC are by invitation
      only, but we expect to open up submissions in several selective
      genres in the near future. Please visit the submission's page at
      http://amberquill.com for details as they become available.

      In the meantime, we have authors and staff available for interviews
      and to answer questions.

      Here is just a small sampling of the books arriving in the coming

      Emerald Heat by Barbara Clark (Romantic Adventure)
      Silk Dreams And Satin Lies by Catherine Snodgrass (Historical Romance)
      BlackWind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo (Dark Romantic Fantasy)
      Eyes Of Betrayal by Patricia A. Rasey (Suspense/Thriller)
      A Gift Of Blood by JennaKay Francis (Dark Romantic Fantasy)
      Tracks by Libby MacKinmer (Romantic Suspense)
      The Bluecoat Affair by J. L. Abbott (Historical Espionage)
      Star Quality by Denise Tyrrell (Suspense/Mystery)
      Duty, Honor, Murder by Pamela Cummings (Historical Mystery)
      Judging Ellie by Catherine Snodgrass & Bryndis Rubin (Romantic
      Enemy Mine by Jewel Dartt (Dark Romantic Fantasy)
      E-Ville by K. T. Morgan (Suspense/Thriller)
      Magnolia House by Lyn Lawrence (Romantic Suspense)
      The Snowfields Of Fala by Frances Evlin (Fantasy Adventure)
      The Ditchwalkers by Morgana MacArthur (Dark Romantic Fantasy)
      Sins Of The Father by Trace Edward Zaber (Historical Suspense)
      Lonely Heart by Karin Story (Young Adult)
      Colorado Spitfire by Glenda Tudor (Western Romance)
    • fictionreborn
      Freddie, Thank you very much for this thoughtful reply. I ve had a few questions from prospective authors about contract details. I am a very recently
      Message 31 of 31 , Nov 5 4:06 AM

        Thank you very much for this thoughtful reply. I've had a few
        questions from prospective authors about contract details. I am a
        very recently accepted member of EPIC, and I will check out the site
        for the information you mentioned. We've been looking at a two year
        term, and we're still developing it. So the open-ended language on
        the site will undoubtedly evolve before we launch.

        The DRM issue seems to be a nightmare for writers and readers alike.
        We are investigating ways to avoid that as well...


        --- In ebook-community@yahoogroups.com, "K. C. Krueger"
        <shippard@...> wrote:
        > __________________________________
        > As a veteran author who has been involved in this crazy business
        > since 1998, I would like to say, first of all, welcome aboard. Per
        > suggestion, I visited your website and found it visually attractive
        and easy
        > to
        > navigate and, since you asked for input, here's mine.
        > First of all, I found your contract to be an immediate put off,
        > the all inclusive language about print and electronic rights . Not
        only is
        > this type of contract become known notorious in our industry as
        a 'grab',
        > this is a major reason why so many midlist print authors have gone
        to the
        > Internet in the first place. While your terms don't qualify as
        an 'all
        > rights grab' because you're not demanding control of the life of the
        > copyright, they're still questionable enough to earn Fiction
        Reborn a 'stay
        > away' warning from sites like Preditors and Editors and HiPiers.
        > The fact your contract is open ended, with no termination, rollover,
        > successor or audit clauses, doesn't look good to me either. I know
        > personal experience just how critical these clauses can be and it's
        why I'm
        > such a firm believer in the old saying, 'Good fences make good
        > Piers Anthony also has quite a bit to say on the subject of audit
        clauses at
        > his site, HiPiers, and he should know.
        > When I was still a member, EPIC featured a model author contract
        on their
        > website along with an excellent advisory and a list of 'yellow'
        and 'red'
        > clauses. 'Yellow' meant 'Beware' and 'red' for 'No way, Jose!" Is
        it still
        > there, Brenna?
        > As a long time ebook customer, I have developed an almost fanatical
        > for DRM. While, in part, this is because of my losing all of my
        > MobiPocket titles for the umpteenth time, it's mostly because I'm
        sick to
        > death of being treated as if I'm a thief. So, from now, I'm
        > boycotting *any* publisher who uses DRM.
        > Nowadays, if I want a title that's only available in DRM, I go to
        > excellent used bookstore in Murray Kentucky, about twenty miles
        north of
        > where I live, which is, basically, a revolving lending library.
        This store
        > is part of a chain called the Book Rack and it's very successful. I
        trade in
        > my old print titles for credit for 50% of the cover price which I
        then use
        > toward other print titles. The Book Rack also features a hard cover
        > with an average price of $5.00, and that's where I get the big name
        > being featured at Fictionwise, ereader etc. for double digit
        prices. If any
        > of these major publishers ever again wants me to purchase one of
        > ebooks they can put them out in MultiFormat at a single digit price.
        > Otherwise, no sale.
        > Among my most recent acquisitions from the Book Rack are Kathy
        > Cross Bones, Gregory Maguire's Wicked, L.E.Modessit Jr's
        > James Patterson's Cross and Mary, Mary, and Michael Connelly's Echo
        > and I just borrowed the entire Harry Potter series from my best
        > None of these publishers or authors are making a red cent off of
        me, and
        > that's the way this situation is going to remain that way for as
        long as
        > they insist on using DRM and overpricing their electronic editions
        > protect their hard cover sales.
        > The only major print publisher I know of who doesn't use DRM is
        Baen and I
        > buy their ebooks all the time. Baen not only doesn't appear to be
        > experiencing any problem with piracy, Eric Flint claims that his
        > editions are
        > actually boosting his print sales instead of the other way around;
        and David
        > Weber and Lois Bujold, among others, certainly aren't complaining.
        > In closing, as a customer I'll continue to purchase and read
        > ebooks by new talent as well as titles by out of print authors that
        > aren't available anywhere else. As an author, ebooks have been good
        > me and it's unlikely that I would have had any kind of a writing
        > without them.
        > Freddie aka Kate Saundby
        > shippard@...
        > http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/
        > http://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp?AuthorID=1745
        > http://www.fictionwise.com/eBooks/KateSaundbyeBooks.htm
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