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32679article on Bezos from Forbes

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  • josephHarris
    Apr 5, 2014
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      ~Very interesting and good reporting, though it might add that customers are just one part of a business; staff, managers, suppliers and investors are also part of the need.

      "Even the tiniest delay in loading a Web page isn’t trivial. Amazon has metrics showing that a 0.1 second delay in page rendering can translate into a 1% drop in customer activity."

      ~Quite some thought for our own websites.

      “We don’t focus on the optics of the next quarter; we focus on what is going to be good for customers. I think this aspect of our culture is rare.” "

      "The more he could get rid of needless costs, the easier it would be to deliver rock-bottom prices to customers. This crusade, he wrote, was “incredibly energizing."

      ~Be warned, the pressure on suppliers (us) and staff will be unremitting.

      Offices still get cheap desks made of particleboard door blanks, a 1990s holdover that Bezos refuses to change.Managers may grumble, but they learn to bring sandpaper to work so their merino sweaters don’t get shredded by splinters."

      ~Cheap and nasty is not efficiency. Bad attitude to staff.

      "Bezos actually reads over-the-transom e-mail, which most CEOs regard as unbearable clutter. He scanned customer notes avidly when Amazon was tiny, and he hasn’t shaken the habit. Dozens of times a year, unsolicited suggestions turn into feature improvements. Even angry e-mails are “fantastic if you want customers to be honest,” Bezos says."

      ~Why I always recommend an email to Bezos when you need action.