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  • Sepideh Fahimifar
    Dec 15, 2013
      Dear ebook specialists
       I’m Sepideh Fahimifar and currently in the process of completing my dissertation in University of Tehran. I am working on my dissertation dealing with the publishing of academic electronic text book. My primary interest is to know effective and important decision-makers for publishing successful academic e-text book, not only stakeholders but also whole persons or organizations which can play a significant role for producing and publishing academic e-text book and their opinions is very useful e.g. psychologists. The research method would be Delphi Survey. In Rud1, I’d like to know your idea.
      I investigated lots of article and found some players. Could you do me a favor by completing the following list? I want you to add new categories ( person groups or organizations, etc.) which their idea  is important  to publish successful academic e-text book. So if we want to have a successful academic e-text book industry, we should know and interview whit them.
      Some important players which are included:
      _ Student
      _ Professors
      _ Authors
      _ Publishers
      _ Aggregators
      _ Vendors
      _ Libraries
      I would like to thank you in advance for your kind attention and cooperation in this respect.
      With best regards
       Sepideh Fahimifar <sepidehfahimi2004@...>
       Knowledge and information science
       PhD Student 
       Faculty of Library & Information Science
       University of Tehran 
       Tehran, Iran.
       Alternative email:sfahimifar@...   

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