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32651Re: [ebook-community] RE: US copyright industries are biggest exporters and turnover is $1 Trillion.

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  • josephHarris
    Nov 28, 2013
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      :-)  Then you miss the point! That expensive lawyer is for when someone breaches those rights; he/she is your enforcer! You are protected, and that is how you can publish; and all honest people respect your rights.

      Joseph Harris

      On 28/11/2013 14:39, jrswebhome@... wrote:

      I thought the only protection any copyright provides is between you and your expensive lawyer. That is your wall of protection: your pocketbook and your lawyer. 

      ---In ebook-community@yahoogroups.com, <joe9438@...> wrote:

      This surprising report places the copyright industries as a major
      industry. It is the biggest exporter in the US. These figures are all
      for the US, but I am sure this is reflected—probably to a lesser
      extent—in the UK and other western countries.


      It is really nice to know that we are part of such a vast activity, even if books themselves might be a smallish part.

      Joseph Harris

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