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1786Move easynn plus from one computer to another

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  • P. Dickens
    Jun 20 2:41 PM
      It really is very straightforward.

      If you have the original file that you downloaded, copy that file onto
      your new computer via either network link, copying it to a cd, a DVD or
      a stick memory (USB). Then fire up the program on your new computer to
      install it the same was as you did originally.

      If you want to use any of your existing networks that you have created,
      transfer them with the ENN file at the same time.

      P. Dickens.

      "lpfeifferjr" <lpfeifferjr@...>

      Date: Jun 19 2013, 04:39 PM
      Move easynn plus from one computer to another


      I purchased easy NN plus v14.0g in 2011. I would like to uninstall it
      from the computer it's currently running on and install it on a
      different computer. When I reference the email that explains how to do
      the install, it no longer works.

      Can someone explain to me how I migrate the software to a new computer?

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