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Re: Operating System Support

Hello, I am using a 2014 version v17.0a installed in Program Files (x86) on a Windows 7 64 bits,and it runs fine. so it is supported but it does not take
jean-luc martin
Mar 2, 2016

Re: Operating System Support

Yes! even on Windows 10
A K Raina
Mar 2, 2016

Re: Operating System Support

... Yes. EasyNN-plus will work on any version of Windows Sorry if you get multiple copies of this message. I'm having email problems. Steve -- Neural Network
Stephen Wolstenholme
Mar 2, 2016

Operating System Support

Hello, I just wanted to know whether Windows 7 64bit Operating System supports for the use of EasyNN plus software or not ?
Feb 26, 2016

EasyNN-plus 20160101

What is the latest version of EasyNN-plus? The latest version of EasyNN-plus is 20160101 The trial version is at http://www.easynn.com/108491/ennsetup.exe
Stephen Wolstenholme
Jan 9, 2016

EasyNN-plus 17.0e

EasyNN-plus 17.0e is now available. Added output weight values to Last Selected Node on View > Network. Importing is now unrestricted. There are no limits at
May 18, 2014

a NEW Problem

Dear George, The sudden drop or change should not be seen as a problem or even necessarily significant. The sudden drop may well indicate that the NN has
P. Dickens
Jan 10, 2014

EasyNN-plus 2014

Partitioning layers added. Action > New Network dialog changed so that partitions can be included when network is connected to the grid and grown. Partitioning
Jan 10, 2014

EasyNN-plus 2014

The changes are as follows:- Layer partitioning has been added. Action > New Network dialog has been changed so that partitions can be included when network is
Jan 10, 2014

a NEW Problem

I have been using the Neural quite successfully UNTIL a new Problem has arrived as follows: Im running a network (which has been running successfully) but now
Jan 10, 2014

Re: Yahoo problem

please stop my subscription to easynn group. On Saturday, November 9, 2013 6:46 AM, "easynn@..." wrote:   Yahoo seem to have
Nov 11, 2013

Yahoo problem

Yahoo seem to have given up copying this forum to email so support responses may be a bit slow. Steve
Nov 9, 2013

EasyNN-plus V16.0e

Hi omybuzted, Have you done any of the tutorial excercises? If not I suggest you get started there and, also it pays to read the instructions and manual! You
P. Dickens
Nov 4, 2013

Re: EasyNN-plus V16.0e

how i can read the weight values in easy nn plus? thank you for your information.
Nov 3, 2013

Re: EasyNN-plus V16.0e

The trial version of EasyNN-plus V16.0e is now available on www.easynn.com ... EasyNN-plus V16.0e is now available The changes are as follows:- 1. Improved
Oct 23, 2013
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