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1675Re: [easymock] EasyMock helper library

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  • Jason Winnebeck
    Oct 9, 2013
      Maybe I am missing something, this looks the same as the EasyMock
      annotations feature:


      See the section "Using annotations"

      Does your library extend that somehow?

      It uses a JUnit runner instead to eliminate the equivalent concept where
      you call prepareMocks(this) and reset in @Before.

      The issue I see with prepareMocks in constructor is that it doesn't seem
      it would rebuild the object under test before each test, so the tests
      could be passing/failing because of side effects in the constructor.
      Assuming that prepareMocks builds everything, it would probably be
      better in the @Before.


      On 10/9/2013 10:31 AM, gus.heck@... wrote:
      > I wrote this some time ago, and I'd been meaning to share it for quite
      > some time. Finally getting around to it. This library is meant to
      > completely streamline mock creation and management, Am interested in
      > what folks think, so let me have it :).
      > https://github.com/fsparv/EasierMock
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