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1668EasyMock 3.2 is out!

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  • Henri Tremblay
    Jul 10, 2013
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      Hello everyone,

      I'm really proud to announce that EasyMock 3.2 was just released.

      To main features:

      Android support
      Is it now possible to use EasyMock on Android. Thanks to Jesse Wilson for his help on that topic.

      @Mock and @TestSubject annotations
      A long awaited feature allowing to do code like this:

      public class AnnotatedMockTest extends EasyMockSupport {

          private final ClassTested classUnderTest = new ClassTested();

          private Collaborator collaborator;

          public void addDocument() {
              collaborator.documentAdded("New Document");
              classUnderTest.addDocument("New Document", new byte[0]);

      The complete release notes:

      Enjoy! (and looking forward for your feedback)