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1651Re: [easymock] EasyMock 3.0 feedback Cglib

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  • Henri Tremblay
    Sep 27, 2011

      I'll try to be more precise but there shouldn't be any issue is you use the right asm version. Which one were you using?


      On 23 September 2011 03:44, John Zoetebier <john.zoetebier001@...> wrote:

      Documentation page easymock-3.0/Documentation.html should be more specific abotu which CGLIB JAR file to use.
      The line in the text says:
      To perform class mocking, also add Objenesis and Cglib to your classpath.
      I added cglib_2.2.2.jar to the classpath in Eclipse.
      However this will throw exceptions for ASM when running ExampleTest.java
      Later on I installed cglib-nodep-2.2.2.jar
      This JAR file works just fine.
      John Zoetebier

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