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  • eksoothsayer
    Greetings, Guild Members and friends! A Collegium will be held in May, as a joint venture with the East Kingdom Herbal and Apothecary Guild, sponsored by the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2003
      Greetings, Guild Members and friends!

      A Collegium will be held in May, as a joint venture with the East
      Kingdom Herbal and Apothecary Guild, sponsored by the Canton of
      Buckland Cross (Bucks County, PA, outside of Philadelphia).

      I would ask that if you are interested in teaching a class, or in
      merchanting, please do contact the autocrat, Baroness Genievieve de
      Charbonneau, (contact info in the announcement) as soon as you can.
      If you know of anyone else who might be interested, feel free to
      forward this notice to them.

      Lady Elena Norreys
      East Kingdom Soothsayers' Guild

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      Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 11:15 AM
      Subject: Hi there -- here is the event announcement to be posted

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      I wanted to send you the event copy. I have not included to
      directions as I
      want to verify them from both directions before posting.

      I still need classes for odd sooths that include nature, how
      medieval peoples
      interpeted naturals signs an portents and spring type of stuff.

      Merchanting is ok. No tables & chairs will be provided at this
      ppreference to the arts and crafts type of items. No steel or
      merchants due to the nature of the event.

      Again, thanks for your help:


      Event announcment;

      The Faire! The Faire! The Spring Faire! Come on out to Demeter's
      Faire & public demo on May 17th 2003. We have designed a day of
      fun to
      explore the close ties medieval life and nature has, and what better
      than the Silver Lake Nature Center with 235 acres to explore? Being
      an event
      and demo we have an opportunity to have fun and share our medieval
      world with
      our modern cousins.

      The Shire of Buckland Cross graciously invites you to walk with
      local guides
      and learn to identify herbal plants and endangered species in the
      wild. To
      the amphitheatre to talk with a Master Bowman and learn just what
      went into
      making those bows and their importance for dinner. Not into
      walking? We
      have a variety of classes and workshops planned. Sit by the
      butterfly maze
      and learn how were natural dyes and pigments for calligraphy and
      were made. Or by the pavilion and learn some of the ways they kept
      castle sweet smelling. Or by the pond and discover the impact that
      signs &
      portents made on medieval daily life.

      Not into any classes, or walks, well bring a project to work and
      enjoy the
      day and share you knowledge and company. Interested in teaching a
      class on
      the theme of Spring things with an emphasis on herbs, gardens or
      Please contact the autocrat: Baroness Genievieve de Charbonneau,
      Michelle Elinsky via phone (215) 831-0766 (please no calls after 10
      pm) or
      email (gryyffon@...)

      Not convinced yet and still thinking about all those garden projects
      at home?
      Like most gardeners, you have something that you have too much of.
      So a pot
      up that plant and exchange it for something different perhaps some
      tassel Rue
      or Soapwort Gentian? Non-invasive plants are preferred. Now to the

      There will be a tantalizing day board featuring spring and herbals
      prepared by the Shire of Buckland Cross that will be available to
      the SCA
      only for a nominal fee of $5. If you are planning to partake of
      delicacies please contact Baroness Genievieve. This helps us plan
      quantities for all to enjoy.

      The Shire of Buckland Cross is the proud sponsor of this event and
      Through the generosity of the Silver Lake Nature Center there is no
      site fee
      as they have graciously waived their facilities fee for the SCA in
      for an educational outreach demo.

      The site is handicapped accessible and open to the public.

      The general site opens to the SCA at 10:00 am and is available till
      The Main Hall closes at 4:00 with complete closure at 5 pm. The
      public demo
      hours are from 10:30 to 4:00.

      Location: Silver Lake Nature Center, 1306 Bath Rd., Bristol, PA
      (215) 785 1177
      For more info http://www.silverlakenaturecenter.org This site also
      has the
      mapquest map links
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