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Re: [East Kingdom Soothsayers' Guild] Re: runes

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  • Eric.M.Schaffer@gsk.com
    That would be grand. Please do so. Herr Oli eksoothsayer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2003
      That would be grand. Please do so.

      Herr Oli

      "eksoothsayer <soothsyr@...>" <soothsyr on 12/22/2002 02:07:29 PM

      Please respond to eastkingdomsoothsayersguild@yahoogroups.com

      To: eastkingdomsoothsayersguild@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [East Kingdom Soothsayers' Guild] Re: runes

      --- In eastkingdomsoothsayersguild@yahoogroups.com,
      <Eric.M.Schaffer@g...> wrote:
      > I was getting ready to create my first set of runes and I'm not
      sure if I
      > should use the wood of a black mangrove
      > or the skull of an animal for materials. I'm sure that I will
      figure it out before the winter solstice, but my question is
      > what should I use for the lettering? I would like to use silver
      since it represents the moon, but I am very allergic to it.
      >  Any suggestions?
      > Herr Oli

      I do not know if you have already started your rune set, but I will
      present this information anyway.

      First of all, what futhark are you using? If you are using the one
      popularized by Ralph Blum, be aware that, while his system does
      work, it is not believed to be the runes as used in period.
      Blum "constructed" the system he presents.

      I would also question whether you want to use an animal skull. I
      mgiht be afraid of residual impressions interfering with you

      As far as using silver if you are allergic to it, my suggestion
      would be: DON'T!! Soothsaying can be draining enough, without the
      added stress of an anaphylatic (allergic) reaction.

      If you want more info on period uses of runes, there are other Guild
      members whose e-mail addresses I can provide you privately.


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