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Re: [EK Sooth Guild] How many people are here?

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    - In eastkingdomsoothsayersguild@yahoogroups.com, Jeanne Wardwell wrote: Hi, Morwenna. ... Hey! Although the usual way of reading Tarot is
    Message 1 of 16 , Jun 12, 2013
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      - In eastkingdomsoothsayersguild@yahoogroups.com, "Jeanne Wardwell" <jcwardwell@...> wrote:

      Hi, Morwenna.

      > I read these things, but I haven't been actively soothsaying in the SCA for years. And though I do runes and Tarot, Tarot as divination isn't period

      Hey! Although the usual way of reading Tarot is more 18th century as far as we know, there is 16th century documentation for using the suit of coins for asking financial questions, in Spain if I recall correctly. And when one element is documented, there's some chance that maybe other things were being read as well. That's at least as good as some of the documentation for certain popular dances.

      > we haven't traveled to out-Barony events in ages, except for Pennsic.

      Last I heard there was no requirement to travel. I haven't even been to most in-Barony events for years.

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